What do you have on your desk right now?

What do you have on your desk right now? Topic: Notebook and pen writing on paper
July 18, 2019 / By Georgia
Question: Lets see I have a pink cup with lemonade and ice in it. A bottle of water with very littler water left. A desk lamp that I never use with pens in it. My laptop and wireless mouse, 2 letters, a small teddybear and a dolphin with a broken fin.
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Delma Delma | 10 days ago
it's messy but i'll tell you.. on the right side , i have a dictionary and a small notebook and some papers.. on the shelve right above that (the shelve is attached to the desk), there's a calculator, a watch, 3 copybooks, and a box of 3 games .. magnetic chess, checkers set, and backgammon.. or so it says.. in front of me, i have my cvs, i've been updating them, and three pens.. a copybook where i'm writing hebrew.. - i'm learning it still :) and a cup of tea .. on the left side.. there's a speaker and i've put on it a novel and 2 copybooks.. see.. i'm a copybook girl.. i can't get enough of them lol.. what's on your desk?
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Delma Originally Answered: I need a desk ( a cheap one) where can i get one?
I see desks all the time in the craigslist free section. Even the ones people want money for are ridiculously cheap. I'd start there if you live anywhere urban.

Cacia Cacia
Other than my computer, keyboard and office phone, I have my calculator, a stapler, Rolodex, 2 client folders, a sticky pad, my coffee mug from this morning, a Pepsi can, another coffee mug with pens in it, a vase of flowers, a yellow legal pad, a bottle of hand sanitizer, 2 little business card holders, scrap paper, a desk calender, a notepad or 2 or 3, and 2 plastic stands with adverts in them.
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Ally Ally
There is too much junk on my desk to say what is there, so I use the dining room table which just has our laptop, and clearwire modem, very easy to clean.lol.
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Uziel Uziel
baseball cards, cable modem, cell phone, pen, homework. printer, chapstick, cards, sticky notes, mail, lighter, 2 candles, drink, mouse pad & mouse...earrings, scotch tape...monitor.... I don't need to say what's in the 3 shelves or the top shelf above my monitor do I? LOL
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Rolf Rolf
Invoices waiting for people to call me back so I can schedule appts..a Mickey mouse mug, a sand art thingy my son made me. a calender,computer in box and phone...
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Mile Mile
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Mile Originally Answered: How should I organize my desk?
Well, my desk and study space isn't as big, but I'll tell you what I do. I keep my backpack next to my desk. My laptop stays in the left corner, because I tend to use it a lot while doing homework. First, any books and folders with assignments I need to do, I put on the right corner, in the order I need to do the work. Then I have the entire middle space to do my assignments. For graded assignments or old notes and such I want to keep, there is a 3-ring binder for each class, with dividers for notes, essays, assignments, tests, and other. I keep these in one of my desk drawers. A lot of my projects are done on the computer, so I have a two folders for school. One is old schoolwork. Inside are folders separating the years (ex. 9th grade, 10th grade, etc.) and then within those folders are folders for each class. Inside are the documents I want to keep. I usually keep my folders on the righthand side of my desktop. The second school folder is current work. Inside are folders separating my classes. Any big projects I'm currently working on, I will drag that folder to the middle of my desktop where it is in plain sight. Above my desk (not on the computer), I have a bulletin board. This is where I post notes to myself, flyers I need, and other papers I need in the near future. I have a wire basket that is for homework I'm working on, that isn't due the next day. As I finish my other homework, it goes back into its respective folder, and then into my bookbag. A trashcan is nearby because I sort all of my folders and my backpack each night. This is just my system. I hope you may be able to use bits of it, depending on what works for you.

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