What colleges do I have a shot at?

What colleges do I have a shot at? Topic: University and college admissions service
July 18, 2019 / By Georgene
Question: I am currently a High school junior and want to know what colleges I have a shot at. Freshman year I ranked 7th in my class with a 4.0 GPA. (regular classes though). Sophomore year I ranked 5th with a 4.0 GPA, but since I took all honors, the highest I could have received was like a 4.3. My current GPA for Junior year is a 4.17. Right now i'm a junior in all honors and 3 AP classes. My lowest average right now is an 87 in AP stats. Everything else is a 90 and above. My ACT was 30. I have two letters of recommendations from professors at Columbia University, because of 2 classes that I took there over the summer of Freshman and Sophomore year. I am class president 3 years in a row, am involved with community service, NHS, 2 additional honors society's my school has, and I wrestled freshman year. What types of colleges should i aim for? Thank you very much.
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Della Della | 8 days ago
you wrestled freshman year? and your a junior now? haha you blew it dude. colleges want someone with personality and a drive to succeed, not a quitter. Usually when my colleagues and I are reviewing applications, we put the ones with people that did a sport for only 1 or two years at the bottom of the pile because it shows they are quitters and arent well rounded enough. THis goes for people that play no sports as well. In the end, the mind can't live without the body. Other than that, it looks good. i would like to know what kind of community service you do. Oh and, dont make too much of a deal out of NHS, or honors "societies" cuz admissions offices know this is a joke and there is nothing really to do after you get the distinction. Your ACT is kind of low, and a B+ in AP Stats (which has a reputation as one of the easiest AP classes) is almost unacceptable. Obviously your GPA is inflated by the easy nature of your high school, as I have seen nu erous students with higher test scores than you but lower GPA's. YOu should probably apply to places like Vanderbilt, Wash U in ST. Louis, etc.
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Della Originally Answered: Do i have a shot at big colleges?
This question is asked 50 times a day, every day. Every college has an acceptance committee that will evaluate your application as a whole - your total GPA, your ECs, essays, test scores, etc. You seem to have outstanding test scores, outstanding ECs, and, except for your sophomore year, a perfect GPA. Seems like you should be smart enough to evaluate your own chances. Stanford would expect you to be smart enough to evaluate your own chances.

Bunty Bunty
Except for you ACT score, you'd pretty much be accepted to any college. You should be able to get into any State University, but the Ivy Leagues, MIT, and Northwestern may be questionable. Edit: You should try taking your ACT again, and maybe the SAT as well because most of the colleges outside of the Midwest only look at SAT. But, since you've taken the ACT I'll assume that you're from the Midwest, so you should be able to get into UIC which is a really good school, otherwise Madison is definitely a cushy back up.
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Allison Allison
The ACT score is the only one that'll hurt you, and then only a very little bit. If you can, take it again before going to college. But with your grades and class ranking, you should have a good shot at getting into nearly any college you choose to apply to. You may want to look into the SAT, too, but the ACT covers more general knowledge, so it's a more accurate scorer as far as colleges are concerned. Any college you look at will be more than happy to send you a list of qualifications (or you can find them on the university's website), and you can look and decide for yourself if you qualify, or if you're close enough to qualifying that you can apply anyhow. Good luck!
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Uzia Uzia
I would apply to all the schools you want to get into. Follow a field that interests you and do a quick search for universities that excel in that specific field. I.E Rutgers has a great education program. Your grades are good and you shouldn't have a problem getting where you want to go.
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Roger Roger
If you know what field perhaps interest you then go to some of the college websites and check the references and experiences of the instructors there. If your interest is in Biology and all they have there are chemist then perhaps you should go somewhere else. Also what do you want out of college some colleges offer more social life than others and are bigger also.
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Roger Originally Answered: Colleges Colleges Colleges? It's all about choosing the right one which is why I am desperate for some help.?
By the time you're ready to start seriously thinking about College, you probably might not even want to be a vet or writer. At you're age, you don't HAVE to think about it, but it's a pretty exciting thought. :) I agree, It's never too early to start thinking, but slow down just a bit, lol. You seem like you'll go far though, good luck.

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