Thoreau, Emerson, and Transcendentalism?

Thoreau, Emerson, and Transcendentalism? Topic: Thoreau nature writing paper
July 21, 2019 / By Genny
Question: I have to write a paper for my English class and the whole transcendentalist thing isn't clicking. I need to know how Thoreau and Emerson are transcendentalist and how it shows in their work. Please Helppp! Thank You!
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Delila Delila | 5 days ago
Transcendentalism is a quest for truth. This is one of the main tenets of transcendentalists; Emerson and Thoreau both wrote extensively about it. And one of the best ways to find this truth is to communicate with Nature, and also to search inside one's self. Transcendentalism stresses individual introspection and finds society as a whole to be a destructive force towards personal freedom. Another belief is that God can be found in all things, especially Nature. Going to church or some other place of worship is not necessary, all that is needed is to be in tune with one's self and the natural world. Materialism is also looked down upon, this degrades true life. Basic Beliefs: 1. Quest for truth 2. Individualism 3. Strong connection to Nature 4. Dislike of materialism 5. Rely on intuition "Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth." - H.D. Thoreau
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Delila Originally Answered: Please help me with my PAPER! :( About Individualism, Liberalism and Transcendentalism. PLEASE?
all that comes to mind is that in my opinion, from someone that has lived a life in many places, different cultures, different experiences such as immigrant, naturalized American, war vet, world traveler, etc is that we are all individualistic, that is our nature as human beings, BUT life is really about responsibility and picking the correct choices according to those responsibilities. there is not liberalism, that is an illusion, all the outcomes of your actions in life will affect others directly or indirectly, good or bad, thus responsibility for your actions IS the constant in all of our lives, not freedom, not liberalism, but responsibility, responsability as a human being to yourself, your family, your comunity, to the human race, to the planet. hope that helped some, good luck with the paper!
Delila Originally Answered: Please help me with my PAPER! :( About Individualism, Liberalism and Transcendentalism. PLEASE?
I'm sure you checked these two links already but consider the time frame in which these two subjects are mentioned. You might consider, "American philosophies of liberalism and transcendentalism were fundamental to Ralph Waldo Emerson's writings," as an example. As a matter of fact, there was an entire genre and group of writers who subscribed to his writings at the time. Of course, not all of America lived in New England; and most certainly, while these concepts could have easily applied to native Americans, the rest of the country were better defined as following more of a determinism mentallity. I hope this helps. Good luck :)

Bryony Bryony
They had only vague ideas and glittering generalizations, but no clear beliefs. I find it comical that someone can believe transcendentalism was "about truth" all philosophy and religion claims this. Other vague ideas include,1. "man is good", 2. "nature is good", 3. "science is ok but mysticism and intuition are more "true", 4. "individualism is good but so is being one with everything" (in otherwords there is no clear belief here). Transcendentalism is marked by claims that are filled with so many metaphors that they end up meaning nothing. This philosophy is perfect for the "status quo" tolerent hippies, who only claim to care about improving the world, but mostly just sit around in nature, experimenting with drugs and sex and think of themselves as so politically revolutionary and philosophically deep. Great for self deceivers too as with a little flowery language, one can rationalize *any* belief as a "transcendental truth" untestible by science as it was given to you by God.
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Bryony Originally Answered: How does Transcendentalism affect today's culture?
well start off saying it dosent affect many cultures or this nation because no one even bother to type their opinion
Bryony Originally Answered: How does Transcendentalism affect today's culture?
I thought it was a "has been". But I am living in the past, so I think that transcendentalism has changed our conception of the world completely, even our terminology. It helps us understand quantum energy, mechanics and healing. It is just great and really necessary to escape the everyday materialism craziness.

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