Am I the only one that hates when you get e-mail. and it says answer theses questions get this free and don't.

Am I the only one that hates when you get e-mail. and it says answer theses questions get this free and don't. Topic: Thesis help free
July 17, 2019 / By Genna
Question: because u have to pick at least .1-3 questions or buy 1 of there items and if you don't you dont get the item they say you are to get.
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Best Answers: Am I the only one that hates when you get e-mail. and it says answer theses questions get this free and don't.

Delicia Delicia | 3 days ago
Don't be tricked by fake free stuff offers The lure of free stuff is a powerful marketing tool and is used to good effect by many savvy marketers. Unfortunately, not every free stuff offer is what it appears to be. There are lots of great free stuff offers out there, but you need to use some healthy skepticism and resist the temptation to fall for free stuff scams. Evaluating free stuff offers is pretty easy if you use a little common sense mixed with some knowledge and a bit of experience. Below are some tips to help you avoid the free stuff boondoggles: Too good to be true - Most offers that appear too good to be true usually are. Examine the motivation for the free offer. A free trial size shampoo makes sense because they are trying to sell shampoo. A free vacation is unlikely, unless there are large hidden charges attached. Ignore unsolicited offers - Just take it as a given that spammers have nothing of value to offer. Variations of the advance fee scam like the email from Nigeria saying they want to use your bank account to get money out of the country are on the rise. Just delete these without giving them a second thought. Don't pay for prizes - If you get email or postal mail proclaiming you the winner of a great prize and all you have to do is pay a fee to claim it, don't. It' s a scam and the only winners are the scammers. Free with shipping and handling - These offers are generally OK as long as the shipping and handling fees are reasonable and you get something of value. $4.95 for a CD-ROM you are interested in is fine, but $4.95 for a cell phone antenna booster (which does not work no matter what they tell you) is a waste of money. Beware email collection scams - Most of the sites that consist of nothing but a form offering free stuff are there to collect email addresses for spammers. These sometimes have long lists of offers or "newsletters" you can subscribe to. If you are tempted to sign up for these, be sure to use a disposable email address. Just put these tips together with your own common sense and you can enjoy the legitimate offers and avoid the free stuff scams.
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Bryanna Bryanna
nope! your not the only one!!!! What about the ones that say you can get this or that for free and then you have to fill out like 5 offers in order to get it? Not really free is it!!! lol....I like to go to Twisted branches.com....I click on the newest freebies button....You have to give them your mailing address but that's how you get your samples...It's all 100% free...Ive been doing it for about 6 months now and I always get stuff in the mail...almost every day!!!
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Allannah Allannah
Ya I truely hate that with a passion you never get anything free its all just a scam to get you to buy something and even then you dnt really get anything you just qualify to win something. Thats worse then chain letters lol, and those suck too.
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Urijah Urijah
I extremely have pits, i like pits, I combat BSL rules. there are a number of like me. you do no longer deserve hate mail. human beings pay attention too lots to the media's biased evaluations. i'm constructive you have heard it earlier, in spite of if that's all based on the canines's proprietor. you're actually superb on different breeds being a objective next. interior the 1880s it grew to become into Dobermans, interior the 1890s it grew to become into Rotties. there'll be yet another targetted breed ultimately. Oh, with the aid of ways, if Rudy Gullianni does run in 2008, in simple terms be conscious that he needs all pit bulls eradicated!!!!!! I in user-friendly terms wish those human beings ought to spend an afternoon with my pits that have been raised with cats, youngsters, and doggie pals in our community. as a count of fact, my 12 365 days old daughter grew to become into bitten two times, no longer with the aid of our canines, yet with the aid of two small mutts that "seem" innocuous belong to an elderly female who grew to become into traveling her kinfolk around the corner! a variety of "innocuous" little mutts extremely placed a hollow via my daughters ear! propose on a similar time as, their youthful toddlers come to our homestead and play with our canines with no subject. (constantly supervised, of path) besides, what all of it comes right down to is a few anybody is stubborn and opinionated. They hear something and immediately have self belief it. BSL is discrimination and racism! canines vendors could desire to be held to blame for their own canines's strikes.
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Roderic Roderic
girl i feel you on that and when you by something you still go be waiting on your free gift that might not come
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