Do you reward for good grades? Why or why not?

Do you reward for good grades? Why or why not? Topic: How to write a book report for first grade
July 19, 2019 / By Genie
Question: I've avoided this question in the past b/c it never pertained to me. I'm about to receive my oldest child's first (all A's) report card and am now contemplating whether or not it would be a good idea to do so. Your thoughts? I'm especially hoping someone can point out the negative aspect of doing so, if any. If you do, how so? Reliable links are always appreciated too
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Delaney Delaney | 1 day ago
Link to my heart, Nina...that's all i have. CONGRATULATIONS to him on his wonderful achievement. I reward with small things, unexpected things. I never like to suggest that if they do this, then I will give them that. I want them to want to do their best , whether a reward is forthcoming or not. Also, if you reward with grand things, they get disappointed if you give less than that. I also haven't wanted to make too much of a fuss about A's vs. B's.... they are already completely driven on their own... but I know that not all subject matter is completely understandable their entire k-12 career. (I STILL do not understand anything past algebra 1, and completely failed college chemistry and astronomy) So if I make a big deal about A's, and less of a big deal about B's, it may make them feel as if I only am satisfied with A's. Not the case at all ! I write them cards, or take them to ice cream or a movie... or buy them a book for good report cards.
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Delaney Originally Answered: What is an appropriate reward for good behavior for a 5 year old boy?
Why not ask your son? I only have daughters, so I'm not sure what to reward a boy with. My daughter gets Bella Sara trading cards every day that she comes home with perfect papers.....it gives her an incentive to try her best. I would ask him what he would like. Just let him know that you think he's been doing an awesome job and would like to reward him, but you thought this time you would let him pick his own reward. It makes them feel important when you show you trust them enough to make their own decisions. Make sure to tell him to keep it within reason though! Good luck!

Brooklyn Brooklyn
We do reward them for good behavior. They are young so we don't have to reward to much but a good report card means maybe a movie, dinner out of their choice, special snack trip etc... We also, reward certain parts of their homework weekly with their allowance (like my son's spelling test grades are worth about 20% of his allowance if he doesn't make an A or a B then he loses that amount for the week). I think its good to reward for good grades because kids need to know that their hard work is paying off. However, they don't have delayed-gratification yet and most wont get that until high school or later (when they realize college need good grades). So being rewarded is a way to get gratification now and continue to work hard. Now if your child is struggling in a subject and is not doing very good it doesn't mean they need to be punished for that as long as they are trying. You will need to be persistent with all of your children though. You don't want to tell one child you expect all A's but then allow another child to make very low grades (unless there is a learning problem). My father did that to me when I was in school and it actually unmotivated me to do better. I saw he was okay with everyone else failing even the easiest classes and even though I got in trouble for making even a C it just kind of made me go whatever for about a year of high school (which is never good). The only negative aspect I see about rewarding your kids is that they start doing good to earn the reward and not for themselves. But I also see it like this we all try to do good at our jobs to earn the reward (our paychecks) so its not always that bad and atleast their learning!
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Alix Alix
Oh wow, they give A's in kindy? Here they just get S, VS, and something else, I don't remember (first report cards is still several weeks away for us). Basically they tell you if they are satisfactory , above satisfactory, or below satisfactory. Kind of lame. They don't get real letter grades until second or third grade, I think. But yes, I would definitely reward all A's. If nothing else, just to set the standard that all A's is a good thing. I wouldn't go crazy, but maybe a trip to Dairy Queen or something unexpected like that. ETA: Lol. What Judo said. Smart lady.
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Uriah Uriah
Here is what I do. Jaden has always gotten As and Bs. He struggled for a little bit learning to read. His papaw gives him $10 for every A he gets. He gets positive reinforcement for efforts. When we study for his tests-he knows them very well. When he gets to school seomtimes he fails his tests. But, I know he knew them! He just messed up some. He gets upset and knows to try harder next time. Other than that, we dont' focus a WHOLE lot on his grades. I know if he half-a$$es his work, (he is 7, so it's easier to see whether he really struggled or he was just being lazy), and we praise his efforts-sometimes with a new toy/game or a playdate or something special for him. We don't fuss over bad grades. I KNOW we study, I KNOW he knows his material, he just gets confused sometimes and we just tell him to do better next time (pay more attention to what he's doing). I say-by all means, reward for good grades AND good efforts. I dont' see how it could be negative.
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Rod Rod
All A's yes definitely reward him or her. Let them know that good work does NOT go unnoticed. Take them out someplace special or get them a special treat. That is the problem no a days, parents and workplaces say that is expected. Then the ones that do bad get a ton of attention. Well kids WANT attention. So give the good behavior and grades attention. I work hard at work but, if you offer me a bigger bonus or commission, I will work twice as hard. That is just life.
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Rod Originally Answered: Do christians only do 'good deeds' because they think there will be a reward for it in heaven?
No. If I were to refrain from doing harm only because I feared punishment in the afterlife, I would be a sociopath. The same is true if I only did good acts because I was expecting a reward. I operate in the here and now, as both my church and common sense teach. I am not obsessed with the afterlife. Also, people can do good without being religious, so there's nothing particularly special about doing acts of kindness just because one happens to be religious.

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