Writers, how do you stay focused on one story?

Writers, how do you stay focused on one story? Topic: How to focus on writing a story
July 18, 2019 / By Geneva
Question: I have a lot of ideas for stories but after I begin writing a story I move onto another without finishing the first one. Any tips? Ok, then. How do you stay focused enough on it that you can finish it?
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Deirdre Deirdre | 8 days ago
I have this problem all the time! Whatever one i feel is really hooking to me though i get addicted to it. The other day i had a good idea on a story and wrote fifty pages in like three hours without breaks. I say whatever you feel most addicted to and will make the best story. Some stories you can blend together, too. So maybe mix the two you like the most? Also, write what you dream. I do it all the time and end up with good stories. Hope i helped!!
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Deirdre Originally Answered: Any tips on how i can stay focused?
It's a challenge because your chemistry works against you. Check out other meds. Very likely, you really need the help of some medication. I've heard bad things about Ritalin, so you are likely right about not taking that. I have never been ADD, but for me it helps to really get interested in what I am trying to focus on. Nothing else works very well. How to do that, learn more about everything you want to focus on, explore it.

Bronte Bronte
By practising mental discipline. I have one main story I'm focusing on and I stick to it. If I have any other ideas I either make a note of them and put them out of my mind or occasionally I'll start a short story based around them. If I do the latter I treat it like a writing exercise, that way I feel it's productive whether I see them through to completion or leave them and get back to my main work.
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Alissa Alissa
Hey Well, that's one of my weaknesses when it comes to writing. What I suggest is starting small, so it's easier to be 'committed' to your story. First write a few stories of a few hundred to a thousand words, then once you're able to do that well, move on to about five thousand, then ten thousand, then fifteen-twenty thousand, then forty...you get the point :) When you write bigger projects, it's okay to switch to a smaller in between for a little break, or refreshment :) Keep all your ideas in a notebook, so it's easy to come back to them Hope I helped ~ JLT
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Urban Urban
One thing I find helps me is to just write quick notes on other story ideas as they come up, to get them out of my mind and so that I won't forget them. But basically, it comes down to discipline. We have to learn to discipline ourselves.
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Urban Originally Answered: How to stay focused in school?
-Eat a nutritious breakfast. It helps,trust me. -Get atleast 8 hours of sleep per night. -Definitely buy a planner! Write down every single piece of homework you receive immediately when you get it.Don't think that you'll remember it because you won't. -Do homework on the same day that you get it so you can see a teacher about it if you don't understand it. -Purchase a desk for your bedroom where you can work without distractions. That's all I can think of right now so yeah...

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