How to start off a book about a middle school couple that gets married and spend their entire lives together?

How to start off a book about a middle school couple that gets married and spend their entire lives together? Topic: How to write a reference page
July 18, 2019 / By Gaye
Question: I want to write a book about middle schoolers who start to date and they date through high school and wind up getting married and having kids and living happily ever after with some ups and downs. How do I start the the book? Thanks
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Debi Debi | 10 days ago
I am posting a top-ten fiction writing tip list on Scribd in the coming weeks, but here is Lesson Two, as it applies to your case: Lesson Two: Starting Out Beginning one’s book is admittedly one of the most difficult parts of writing a lengthy piece. The best method to help spur the book along to fruition—that I have encountered as of yet--remains one of the most simple, conceptually: individual, successive chapter notes. While this concept may sound somewhat rudimentary it is invaluable as a writing tool, not only in starting the process with an informed ‘kick’ but it also aids one in keeping the plot on track (as far as where one wishes the story to go)... and lastly, it helps the writer remember to include the important details an various tie-ins. Sequential Chapter Notes instructions: 1. Sit down. 2. Using either a blank notebook, computer word processing page, or a pad of ‘sticky’ notes, write the words “Chapter One”. 3. Under this title write out one-line details or phrases about what should be included in this chapter. If using sticky notes, use as many as you need under the chapter title to help you grasp the gist of what you want to say in that chapter. For instance, on a Chapter One note a casual observer might see phrases like ‘character introduction’, ‘background history’, ‘main character trips over a threshold and falls down stairs’, etc. Even if it is merely one detail about what’s in the chapter, write it down. 4. Turn to another page/note and continue on through each chapter in a similar fashion. Once the notes are written for each chapter, one can use them as a reference or add in more notes as the writing progresses; changes are easy to make. Personally, I prefer using sticky notes as I can re-arrange events in a different order if I so choose. Paper is usually best for this process, as computer files can be lost or accidentally deleted. A fellow writer among our acquaintance tried to be inventive one year and used a wide dry-erase board for his sequential notes; after writing laboriously for an hour, he suddenly realized that his forearm had brushed away about half it as he leaned on the board. Do bear in mind that these notes are not iron-clad; the writer is allowed to viably brush aside the ensuing feelings of chagrin if half the notes must be crumpled up and replaced. In writing my own books I've found this method especially helpful in avoiding becoming lost pursing tangents, or inadvertently creating lop-sided chapters. Cheers.
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Debi Originally Answered: I have planned out an entire book but I don't know where to start?
I would just start writing. Think of a scene you have well thought out in your head. Put it on paper (or computer) I would bet from there the next scene just starts rolling out. You can always write several dialogue scenes and then fill in the details that string them together.

Britt Britt
I'm sorry, but I've NEVER heard of this actually happening in real life. But I'd make a prologue and have it be your end chapter or something that gives you a hint in the future. And I'd also make it a couple in high school rather than middle school. And in your first chapter, I'd ake it how they met (maybe after they both got dumped.)
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Aline Aline
Start off with one of the downs. Then next chapter start off with how they met and keep going from there.
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Ulick Ulick
Depends on what way you want to represent your story. 1) The couple reminiscing over their relationship since middle school. 2) Their beginning of their relationship till their married life 3) (don't know what else but i know there's something else to start with)
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Rimon Rimon
Just sit down and start writing. Just let it flow on the paper/computer and see what happens. Maybe you could start it the day they met each other.
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Meryle Meryle
You'd better start it with them meeting for the first time. Make it somewhat dramatic, but not too corny.
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research research research plan plan plan write write write edit edit edit fairly monotonous :D

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