I'm fourteen years old, and I'm really inactive. What exercises can I do in my house with no equipment?

I'm fourteen years old, and I'm really inactive. What exercises can I do in my house with no equipment? Topic: Houses homework sheets
July 19, 2019 / By Garnet
Question: I don't want to run/jog because I really don't want people to see me. But I really need to lose weight and I don't eat that unhealthy. Are there any exersises that I can do in my home/bedroom that don't involve any equipment? I've tried sit-ups but I don't even know if I'm doing them right. Help....?!
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Best Answers: I'm fourteen years old, and I'm really inactive. What exercises can I do in my house with no equipment?

Debbi Debbi | 7 days ago
Take a walk for the exercise. Clean up your room. Do some laundry. Cook a meal. Bake an Apple pie. Bake a pumpkin pie. Then wash the dishes. unload the dishwasher. Clean the house. Wash the windows. Clean out the basement. Clean out the garage. Start raking the leaves. Wash the car, inside and out. Organize the book shelves. Sort out your summer clothes. Sort out your winter clothes. Wash all unwanted clothes. Donate all unwanted clothes to charity. Wash some some some walls. Paint your room a different color. Paint any room in the house that needs painting. Clean out the outside gutters. Paint the basement stairs. Cook a "breakfast in bed" for your parents. Wash the dishes again. Replace any light bulbs. Plant any bulbs, now for spring. Start getting out the Christmas decorations. Check to see if all the lights work. Take out the garbage. Wash the other car, inside and out. Help your mother grocery shop. Take another walk, for the exercise. Clean out any closets. Paint the closets while empty. Discard any out dated cleaning products. Clean the kitchen cabinets, Discard any outdated foods. Clean out the refrigerator. Discard any items no longer etable. Pull out the refrigerator, and clean under it. Pull out the stove, and clean under it. Pull out the washer, and clean under it. Pull out the dryer, and clean under it. Scrub and clean out the laundry tub. Wash some laundry again. fold all the laundry, and put it away. Wash the curtins un your room. Wash the curtains in your brothers room. Take another walk, just for the exercise. Calk all around the house where the bugs get in. Rearange the furniture in the living room. Wash all your sheets. Wash your blankets. Wash your bedspread. Clean your bedroom again, and vaccume under the bed. Clean your dresser drawers. Mow the lawn. Edge the lawn. Change the oil in the lawn mower. Get the snowblower ready for winter, Locate the shovel. locate your car scrapers, Take another walk. Start getting the Holloween decorations ready. Wash all the towels and wash clothes. Clean the bath room, toilet and all, and don't forget the rim. Vaccume the house again. Was all the small area rugs. Take your neighbors dog for a walk. Take your own dog for a walk. Run to the store for some small items for your mother. Wash your parents sheets for them. Clean out the attic. Get rid of all the spider webs. Set the mouse traps. Wash the cars again. Get out your winter boots, and make sure they fit. Get out your winter coat. Make sure it fits. Throw out any ond and worn out sneakers, no longer needed. Shred or throw out any unwanted paper. gather up all the used newspapers, and throw them out, Throw out all unwanted catalogs and magazines. Start making our the Christmas cards ahead of time. Bake a cake, and wash the dishes. cook supper again. Go for another walk. Take a nice long shower. Ask to go over to your Grandmothers house, and start this all over again. By the time you get back home, You'll have a six pack. and keep up with your homework. <}:-})
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Briony Briony
Watch the carbohydrates. Do two or three weeks with only 5 grams of carbs per day. Your body will tell you that you have cheated it out of all the sugar and starch it wants, but that's what losing weight feels like. Then keep your carbs to some reasonable level, not the 500 to 1000 that seem our usual amount if we eat what we feel like. When you're on 5 carbs, you'll not even be able to drink OJ for vitamin C, so make sure you're getting C some other way. I find that eggs, usually hard-boiled, make a decent meal for this diet. Ignore anyone who points you to a diet website. They're only unpaid advertising. Ignore pills. You don't need them. Remember that super-skinny is a major health risk. You didn't want me to tell you that, but I did anyway.
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Alica Alica
You could try some things in your backyard to get your heart rate up. Jumproping or shooting some hoops and constantly sprinting after the ball after a shot would help lose some weight. Otherwise, you need to do some form of running or heavy weight lifting if you want to lose weight. Your only other chances of no one else seeing you is to buy equipment. That would either be a treadmill, exercise bike, or weight lifting equipment (bench, weights, barbell, etc.). Also, make sure you start eating healthier and a little less.
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Tyrrell Tyrrell
Exercise can come in many forms. You should do it any chance you get even if time is a factor. After a meal get on your feet and wash your dishes instead of using the dish washer. Walk – Walk any chance you get, leave early for school, work, shopping or other destinations and take the stairs, park in a faraway from work and walk to your building, always walk from the longest distance possible to any destination you are trying to get to. jog in place (doesn't have to be around the block,) swim, ride your bike, jump rope, etc. Go out dancing- Get with friends and dance the night away understanding that you’re there for enjoyment and most importantly, to get exercise. Play sports join a community team, or school team. Most areas provide leagues to accommodate most age groups. (ranging from 4 to 60 years of age) Work out with light weights repeating many repetitions. Do what YOU enjoy a lot and incorporate exercise.
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Rikki Rikki
Try jumping rope for 30mins. You'll get a good cardio workout that way. You could also try a couple of aerobic workout tapes/dvds. I know they seem silly and made for old people, but sometimes they are just the motivation you need to get going. Sit-ups won't help you lose weight; they only tone the muscles worked. You must do aerobic (cardio) exercise to burn fat.
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Mervin Mervin
Oh, there's lots you can do in the house! Get a couple of empty milk jugs, fill them partway with water, and lift them up and down - stretch out when you're cleaning, use your legs to try and get up high - put some music on, and dance! Doesn't matter if you're any good or not - just move! Any movement will burn calories - you can put books on your ankles when you're laying down, and slowly try to lift your legs. But really, as long as you're moving, you're doing good! Hope this helps you.
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