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Morning Poll - bio movies? Topic: How to write autobiography of my life
July 19, 2019 / By Gaila
Question: I'm sure all of you have watched a biography movie about a person you didn't know a whole lot about, but the movie was good. How many of you watched a movie about their life, then afterwards google them to read more about them? *raising hand* I did that with Johnny Cash. I watched Walk the Line, then wanted to know more about this person. I read a autobiography on her and it was nothing like the movie. I mean she did kill men, but the whole story about her relationship was different from the movie. Monster was still a great movie! I also googled Marie Antoinette and what they did tell you that's not in the movie is how she, hubby and son died and that her daughter was the only survivor.
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Deanna Deanna | 4 days ago
I love doing that. Marie Antoinette--unfortunately, I think somebody had modified Wikipedia to copy the movie. I hate it when they do that. I couldn't find another good "quickie" biography. Shogun--I googled to find more information on the time period and found out the hero is modeled very closely after an actual man, who really was the first Englishman to visit Japan. And he really was made a samuraii. I was amazed at how accurate the movie was considering I thought it was a work of pure fiction. Flags of Our Fathers--to find out more about the individual men. since the book really was written by the son of one of the men, it seems like he worked very hard to make it as accurate as possible. ( I thought the son angle might have been a hollywood invention.) Kinsey can't think of anymore right now. this is kindof the unsung attribute of hollywood historical movies. we all know they get some or even most of the facts wrong. but they do inspire people to read up and find out more about what really happened. EDIT: I did read about what happened to Marie Antoinette after the movie ends. However selfish she might have been before, what happened to her after was unspeakable. I can't imagine holding onto my son while soldiers are screaming at me to turn him over and threatening to kill my daughter if I don't. Especially knowing how badly he was treated after he was taken (unless the rumors of him being swapped are true.).
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Bridgette Bridgette
I have. I watched "Monster" which is about the woman who killed six men. She was a hooker. A very sad life she had...
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