What do think of these baby names? please, i'm desperate =/ HELP now?

What do think of these baby names? please, i'm desperate =/ HELP now? Topic: Ja these days
July 17, 2019 / By Gae
Question: I'm about 4 months along and already im starting to think of some names. My friend tell me i'm crazy lol but what do they know. i don't want my baby to just be another jessica or whitney or jennifer or stephanie or yada yada yada. my name is Adele josefina and i've always hated it. I want my baby girl *crosses fingers* to be unique and so special. and by unique I mean a name that NO ONE has ever had before so thats why these are unusual. here are some names ive written up, lots of them are characters from the book im writing. lots of them are from causes that i support worldwide, like tibetan independence. my thing is that the baby can pick her own name when she turns 10. i believe that a baby can be like a work of art and i think i can make a statement with my baby. Frabjous D'Splutta Amelie GayRights Now Madison M'nuxtran Ga'Fla'Tammy-LaTammy Olivia Ga'hallie BligFruggleGluck LaTammy M'Tammy Henrietta Henrietta Sparkzten Kaplinki-Kaplink RimsyKorsakov Baytovehn Biko AmberJohnson Kryppla Ohayo DesuKa Lil Miss Loca Kryggañ-Kryggañéic Yizrrahyiéiélle KrugMarr Bbutta Topanga (i grew up watching that show, lol.) Amtra Kelber (Amber + Peter Kelso (my bfs name lol) ) Jaqqiye GrugStrabba Stop HumanTrafficking Jaqui Jaqui Jaqui Jaqui Jennifer-Jessica Wama'amblanga (Whitney + Amber + Topanga) Macarena (its a name) LeTammy Joanna-Billie (Leanne + Tammy + Joanna + Billie ... all family names ! ) SkorraSkorra'ngaga Dizni V'netiää Stop TheOccupation BellaBlack NaGagga'rtabba Destiniz Temptress Snowiye Dayz Speak Out against Oppression Ammburr Suzanne Snygga WeewilliWinkiiye Rayniye Dayz Sunniye LaTammy Destini'z Child I Only Have Eyez ForYou M'ehrriye (Mary) Glippa (the name of my favorite toy when i was a kid) Vrambalea LaTammy Freedom N'Justice Djehssickahe (Jessica) Wamahamblygga L'Tammy Moe'nikke Jason Harlitt Autumn Winter Summer Springghe Doriën LeTammy (just fyi Leanne was my aunt who died of brest cancer Tammy was my baby sitter who died in a car wrieck) Sex Temptress Tryypa Wama'vramblinga M'tangakka HaveYou Eva Seen DaRayne JenniferDgiehnnuhffuhrrhe Auburnecious LeTammy Cinammona LeTammy Glitta Sparkz Desperit Tem-triss LaTammy Stand up for Tibetan Independence Cheekz Destini LaJaciiKakez DontEva LetThem TearYaDown BabyKakez Janana LaShaniikwuh Vestilagiubba Sultuoamoreinfranto Hillaricity FlabJoanne Ja'j'Jemima Egathare Hamblappa Mmmboppa Hambekka Burthuh KlubZappa-AppazBulk Helgga Hermione LaTammy Inga LaTammy'm'snug Sh'nika M'nima
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Best Answers: What do think of these baby names? please, i'm desperate =/ HELP now?

Dayna Dayna | 2 days ago
If you want something unique and special, by allmeans avoid any name suggested one the internet. Instead, name here after your mother or granny. That way you get a name thats probably not currently popular and score some Family Points at the same time. But first check the list of the top 500 girl 's names for the last 3 years and make sure it's either not listed or ranked low answer not moving up.
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About your disclaimer, you should be warned-if you post in baby names, you will get some opinions and you may not like them all. If you can't deal with that or are sensitive too it, this is probably not the best forum for you to post in. Xander Blaise-it flows together. I prefer Alexander with Xander as a nickname and just in case you weren't aware Blaise was a famous female stripper who scandoulously kept company with the Louisiana Governor Huey P. Long. There is even a movie about this with Blaise as the title. I prefer this spelling Blaise, to Blaze. Finley Blaise-also flows well Bronx Mowgli-this is kind of out there, especially the Mowgli part and it sounds kind of awkward together Kodah Cruz-I guess its OK, I like Kody Cruz better Koa Cruz-its OK, not my fav. KOA sounds like a campground to me Gavin Cruz-this is really quite good Talon-I like this name. Talon Phoenix maybe? Julian-I know its a guys name but It always seems girly to me. I would go with a roman emperor kind of middle name on this one. Julian Octavius, Julian Augustus, Julian Cesar (pronounced in the spanish say czar) Jayden-The y spelling always seems feminine to me so I prefer Jaiden for a boy. It a nice Irish name variation so Jaiden Ainsley, Jaiden Finley, Jaiden Jaimson, Jaiden Morgan Knoxx-I think just one x, the extra x looks like a typo. Knox Reilly Tristan-love this name. Tristan Angus

Briar Briar
You really must be kidding! Come on here,list way to long to even contemplate! As well there are names there that one would never give a child! example,Oh sex temptress come in for dinner!!! boy and think of down the road and what her peers would do with that one,could go on here,think you get the drift,besides think you must have just wanted to hear your self talk here,waste peoples time because this list must be a joke! or you are.
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Alexus Alexus
True story: A co-worker was pregnant and was "testing" names. She wanted the first name to be a fruit (peaches, cherry etc) and she wanted the middle name to be "unique". So I suggested "Pomegranate sphincter". She stopped talking to me for weeks.
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Tyler Tyler
I'd stick with something more traditional... Unless you want your kid to have a miserable experience in school.
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Tyler Originally Answered: Baby names please help?
whats the last name of the baby to be if you don't mind me asking? . Another question a big problem with my family and friends , does the name have to be said in any other language ? My best friend loves the name kasey and kaylee but there very hard to say in spanish. In that case Brielle Evick I think has a great ring ( bri-el ) Brielle Grace Evick Adalyn Marie ** Evick sophia isabella Evick Annabelle Evick Annabelle Mae Evick Annabelle lee Evick Analia Evick ( ana-leah) Layla Marie Evick hope this helps

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