What should I pack for a trip to Germany?

What should I pack for a trip to Germany? Topic: Cheap sunglasses case search
July 18, 2019 / By Gaby
Question: I am flying over to Germany in a month and a half and have no idea what to pack. I will be there for like 2 1/2 months. What should I pack. Thank you much from -Army Wife
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Ready to pack your suitcase for Germany? Have a look at this helpful packing list that features essential travel-musts for your trip to Germany. Travel Essentials: Airline Tickets (if you have e-tickets, print out the e-mail confirmation) US Passport Wallet Some cash (in Euro) or traveler checks Drivers license (if you want to rent a car) Contact numbers in case your credit card is stolen Important phone numbers at home Copy of medical history Medicine Toiletries (tootbrush, toothpaste, lotions, shampoo, shower gel, razor, shaving cream) Phrasebook Maps Travel Guide(s) Contact to American Embassy Addresses for writing postcards Adapter Camera IPod Batteries Charger Always Good to Have: Travel pillow Small first aid kit Sewing kit Sunglasses Ear plugs Wrinkle-free spray Eye-mask Travel alarm clock Converter Diary/Notebook Clothes Packing List Summer or winter, rain or shine - make sure to pack the following essential clothing for your trip to Germany: Good walking shoes/ sneakers Rain jacket or umbrella Shawl Sun glasses Your favorite pair of jeans and T-Shirts Socks Underwear Sweater for chilly nights Clothes Packing List for German Winters German winters can be cold, with temperatures ranging between 33 F and 45 F. Be prepared for snow, rain, and some cold winds, so make sure to bring the following: Warm sweaters Winter jacket Gloves Scarf Boots Hand warmers Hat/ cap Warm socks Long Johns Clothes Packing List for German Summers German summers can be hot, with temperatures ranging between 68 F and 86 F, but it can also be rainy and cool. Make sure to pack the following: T-shirts, Skirts/ shorts Light sweaters Light jacket Long pants/Jeans Bathing suit Sandals Sneakers Shades Hat Sunscreen Plan Your Trip to Germany Visa and Passport Requirements for Germany Profile of Germany Maps of Germany Find Flights and Hotels in Germany Search For Cheap Flights to Germany Search For Cheap Hotels in Germany Profile of Frankfurt International Airport
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