Do you think this is an 'A' thesis?

Do you think this is an 'A' thesis? Topic: How to write a thesis sentence
July 18, 2019 / By Gabrielle
Question: Im writing persuasive essay on "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller.. (Im done with writing Im revising) the prompt is The characters undergoes a significant change .. Elizabeth began with a flaw and develop into more virtuous version of herself.. Compose an essay which you argue for the ultimate virtue of Elizabeth Proctor. So basically I need to prove that Elizabeth used to be bad and turned into a good person, And my point is that Elizabeth used to doubt John Procter (her husband) of lechery but later accept John’s apology and be a good wife.. (John really did commit a lechery but confessed to his wife but Elizabeth just cant get over it..) My Thesis: As the play heads toward an end, Elizabeth Proctor gives up her vise and gains her ultimate virtue. And based on the rubric my thesis must be: “There is one clear, focused argument introduced by a well crafted thesis. The argument responds well to the prompt and the supplied writing task.” Do you think I should change it? If then How? Thanks.
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Dawn Dawn | 10 days ago
Yes it needs work. Find five crucial words that summarize the argument of your paper and then write one sentence for and including each word. A one sentence thesis statement is not going to get you an A.
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I like the first one. Remember to always quote and underline the heading of the story or novel. Goodluck!

Brett Brett
You have to be more specific, put your main paragraph topics in your thesis statement. For example Mass production, increase of population, progression of technology, child labor, increase of tuberculoses, and pollution are the positive and negative effects of the Industrial Revolution. No, you don’t pick a side. Try not to be bias just write about the negative and positive effects. In your paragraphs, you topic sentence should be something like this, of course it depends what you picked as your effects. Mass production is a positive effect of the Industrial Revolution because (say why it was a positive effect). After your topic sentence, prove your topic sentence with evidence from sources such as your book or an article on the internet. What ever you use, cite your sources.
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Brett Originally Answered: Please read this answer these questions What is the thesis statement?How is the thesis explained?
The thesis to this argument is, "racial matching should not be encouraged for two main reasons, first, the adopted child health should be one top priority. But most importantly, it should be base on love." This sentence was used in the introductory paragraph, and again in the conclusion. As for how the thesis is explained, I am not sure if you are asking how to explain what a thesis is or how the writer explained ( or argued for ) the thesis. I will adress both. The thesis is just the main idea, and is usually (at least for most short arguments) expressed in one sentence and includes the main point/s or reason/s for the author stance. In this argument the thesis is explained (backed) by two main points. The first of which is the idea that the purpose of adoption is to save a child out of love, not for the purpose of retaining cultural purity of the race. The second point is that the childs health should be of more concern to the adopting persons than the childs skin color. I hope this helps !
Brett Originally Answered: Please read this answer these questions What is the thesis statement?How is the thesis explained?
Your Answer: Wow, this is long but I will answer How do you explain the high degree of design and order in the universe? » You should Learn more about the universe / origin of life / origin of species / origin of mankind... There isn't that much order. Fractals are very important in the buildng blocks of atoms, and therefore anything made out of atoms, which is everything. Fractals create symmetry, and what you precieve as order. How can their be reproductively unviable variations if there was design and order or a creator? How do you account for the vast archaeological documentation of Biblical stories, places, and people? Archeological evidence for places sure...To make your story believeable you write about it in a place that exist, existed. You can say the same thing for Greek Myths. If this is proof, that means they are real too, and their gods!!! Also there is evidence of New York City, does that make Spider-man real? Since absolutely no Bible prophecy has ever failed (and there are hundreds), how can one realistically remain unconvinced that the Bible is of Divine origin? It is easy to write a story fullfilling a prophecy. I can write about a virgin born kid call him the son of go and have him do those things, does that mean he is real because he is based on another story? Look at any sequel, thats all the new testament is. How could any mere human pinpoint the birth town of the Messiah seven full centuries before the fact, as did the prophet Micah? see last answer.. its called writing a sequel.. you usually write it to correspond with the prequel.... Account for the odds (1 in 10 to the 157th power) that even just 48 (of 300) Old Testament prophecies were fulfilled in one person, i.e Jesus. same answer, sequel book How was it possible for the Old Testament prophet Isaiah to have predicted the virgin birth of Jesus (Isaiah 7:14) 700 years before it occurred? »ladedadeda sequel.. How can anyone doubt the reliability of Scripture considering the number and proximity to originals of its many copied manuscripts? people passed these stories around, some wrote them down... How do you account for how much the same a lot of other myths are to your myth... same Are you able to live consistently with your present worldview? yes.. its easy, I jut live life Wouldn't it make better sense, even pragmatically, to live as though the God of the Bible does exist than as though He doesn't? no, because thats like saying doesn't it make sense to live as though santa claus exists... why believe in fictional characters. If his were the case I would never sleep after all the monster movies I have seen! In what sense was Jesus a 'Good Man' if He was lying in His claim to be God? he either didn't exist, didn't say that and it was just written about him and he was just a good person, or he was a liar and just did it for the LADIES!!! Do you think that Jesus was misguided in affirming the truthfulness of Scripture, i.e. John 10:35, Matthew 24, Luke 24:44? if he is even real, but i don't know if he was misguided, tht was the beliefs back then If the Bible is not true, why is it so universally regarded as the 'Good Book'? because centuries of it being pushed on people have made it that way, but how is less then half the world make it a universal??? » How can I know if the Bible is true?... / Is the Bible truth or tabloid? / Can the Bible be infallible if it is written by fallible humans? its not, its a fictional how to guide, it is fallible look at all the contradictions in it alone. Are you aware that the Old Testament alone claims to be God's inspired word at least 2600 times? So what? If Harry Potter said that would you believe it? Did you know that the Bible has been the number one best-seller every year since the 1436 invention of the Gutenberg printing press? » The Bible—an amazing book... Does that make the number 2 best seller true too??? or partly true? and I am sure part of that has to do with the hotel bibles.. From whence comes humanity's universal moral sense? Evolution. Social Creatures require some form ore mores to keep a society running.. If man is nothing but the random arrangement of molecules, what motivates you to care and to live honorably in the world? because this is the only life I have and want to make it a good place for everyone, and the future! possibly my children if I have any, but my neices and nephews too! Explain how personality could have ever evolved from the impersonal, or how order could have ever resulted from chaos. who says there is order, but personality, see above about social creatures. If Jesus' resurrection was faked, why would twelve intelligent men (Jesus' disciples) have died for what they knew to be a lie? » Is the resurrection a myth?... it could just be a myth, and/or the men dying could also be a myth too, fiction! Or they just weren't as intelligent as you want to believe, or they really wanted to make

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