Do exotic dancers really make lots of money?

Do exotic dancers really make lots of money? Topic: College paper for sale
July 18, 2019 / By Gabriella
Question: Just a poor pretty college girl dreaming about not graduating with a debt that will follow me for life..the papers advertise about $2000 a week..bullshit or not?
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Davinia Davinia | 9 days ago
That's really disturbing. Don't lose your dignity and keep your head held high. A good college job is waitressing, you make good tips and you can graduate with honor (if you know what I mean). Student loans aren't that bad, a lot of students have them. Use your noggin girl, you have one. Don't use your body. Good Luck Ellie PS. If you go to weekend yard sales sometimes you can find great stuff to sell on eBay. Once made over 1 grand in one month, selling off stuff I didn't need anymore.
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Davinia Originally Answered: How do I make the real money (not the little money)? Lots of questions, please answer atleast one?
sell timeshare. money is good to excellent and management will eventually beat the mental @#$% out of you. When you have had enough and quit or have been fired, you are so educated in the art of sells you will amaze yourself. You can sell anything after this experience. Just keep a hold on your personal level of ethics and believes. The timeshare companies will challenge those believes over and over. Just let them rant and rave, take in whats useful and disregard what is not. Car sales I believe would be similar. Just never plan on being there long. In timeshare they commonly refer to people with the term "masses of a$$es" This applies to employees as well as customers. There is always another guy coming though the door. They will throw you away, but if you are smart enough, and mentally tough enough, you will be tossed out with a education! There is no running from the IRS and financial mistakes. Just do what you can and accept that you may not have the money you would like. Learn from your mistakes. Don't do them again!!!

Brenna Brenna
No no no no no, most of them do not. Ignore the papers, they're just trying to lure you in the same way that get rich quick scams do. Everyone loves the thought of making money, but there are a lot more things to think about than just the money, even if it was common to make a lot. 1) Hours - you'd have to work late nights all the time and especially on weekends, if you're lucky. Those are the times you'd make money. Newbies get the crummy hours that don't. 2) Potential - How many people do you know of that have made a prosperous career out of exotic dancing? 3) Benefits - Health, dental, vision, life, retirement, profit sharing, stock options? 4) Social - Would you really be happy with yourself doing that? Save your appeal for your soul mate. You will be much happier. Stay away from that life. You don't want anything to do with it. You might make some money, but those clubs can get any hot body to dance and they'll pitch you out on your behind at the drop of a hat. Exotic dancing is a nowhere gig and it looks bad on your resume. You need to stay focussed and work in the right direction. If you're looking at not graduating, you need to be talking to counselors about how to make up the credits/units so you can graduate the next semester/quarter/year, whatever. Stay in school regardless of the debt, because you will always be able to get a better job than dancing if you stay with it. It may seem so overwhelming right now, but know that your goals are achievable. You just have to stick with it and work with the people who can help you succeed.
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Alexia Alexia
They do make great money but if I were you I'd try to make it in college....People don't think much of girls who do that type of dancing....they get involved with the wrong type of people, drugs, etc, not to mention the danger. Please stay in school and forget about the fast money, get a good education, you'll make money in the future, and still have your dignity.....millions before you have taken out student loans, they have a low interest rate and give you years to pay it back. How will it look later when you find that great paying job and on your resume if it says previous job, exotic dancer.....I know it's not correct but you and I both know what they will think, " oh forget this girl she did pole dancing in her previous job ". Even if you did nothing wrong in their heads it's a demeaning job, what most would consider trash.....I know that a lot of girls without a college education make money this way, especially the single moms....but I've also heard a lot of them say that they want to make money so they can go to college so that they can get a better job.....so please stay in school, later on you won't regret it, and see that you made the right decision !!!!!!!!!!
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Tybalt Tybalt
You can make that kind of money (I worked as a bouncer in strip clubs for years) but you have to be VERY careful or you'll slide into the life. I knew some ladies who worked their way thru school dancing - paid well, kept them fit, and they kept their dignity. But it was not easy for them. Keep in mind - if you get assaulted, the cops don't want to hear it. It isn't fair, but to them you are one step up (or down) from a hooker. Sucks, but there it is. So don't make yourself vulnerable, work a place that provides an escort to your car after your shift. Ask around among dancers, find an honest club with a good security staff that doesn't play around with the help.
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Rickey Rickey
Yeah they can if they don't get caught up in all the drugs if you work a good topless club you can & if you got a big rack, you have to build up your repeat customer who only want you My ex brought in over 80K more if she could get some headlining gigs in Canada those would sometimes get her 30K in 1 month
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Rickey Originally Answered: What is a good profession where I can make lots of money?
You should pick a career first because you have an interest or passion in it. Think of what your interests, talents, hobbies etc are and then write out a list of careers you think you would be good at...even the low paying ones. Then go through and cross off the ones that you think the salary would be too low. Remember sometimes you are more happy making less money doing something you love then making more money doing something you hate

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