Is it right for the media to being showing pictures?

Is it right for the media to being showing pictures? Topic: case study images
July 16, 2019 / By Gabi
Question: of that sick kid who went to the mall and killed 9 peope? I mean pictures of him standing there holding the rifle??? Because then he was shooting and killing people. I just thought it was horrendous to show that.
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Best Answers: Is it right for the media to being showing pictures?

Daryl Daryl | 7 days ago
I have to admit, I have always have a sick desire to see such images. I looked at them and listened to the awful 911 calls. Being a mental health worker, I really like to try to study these cases and watch every aspect of them. Of course, they freak me out and I am so disturbed by them! Actually, today, my company just went under lockdown because we got a threat in from someone who said they had a gun and would come and take hostages. Yeah, perfect day to be looking at that stuff I know!
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Breeda Breeda
And it is an invasion of privacy to like take a picture of a celebrate with a new lover or something without their ok.
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Alexandra Alexandra
No it's not right at all All it does is sensationalize what he did. But that is all the media is interested in seeling stories and TV time I'm afraid money talks
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Turlough Turlough
It not right... That it's some think I can do any things what I want to do... Because many people will talk about me... This is I want it... Do not care for them then will not come up aain.
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