How do i publish my flash website?

How do i publish my flash website? Topic: Play another case solved
July 17, 2019 / By Freda
Question: I have two flash files loading and main. I am trying to put them on geocities to test it out and it's not working. I published them so i have loading.swf and main.swf and index.html which is embedded with loading.swf. I can get the loading screen to work but the main.swf doesn't play. It works fine when I open the .html from my computer, but not online. What do I need to do to fix this. Easy step by step instructions would be appreciated. Thanks
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Darien Darien | 1 day ago
Hi, This problem is to common but easy to solve: You need to check that the following code is exactly as yours: loadMovie("main.swf", root) or myMC = new MovieClipLoader() myMC.loadClip("main.swf", root) In this case I used relative rutes, if you are having troubles, use the absolute ones: // Note: I don´t remember well how geocities works. loadMovie("http:// geocities.yahoo.com/y ourname/ main.swf", root) or myMC = new MovieClipLoader() myMC.loadClip("http:// geocities.yahoo.com/ yourname/ main.swf", root) If you´re still having problems, use another free hosting service. Greetings
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Breana Breana
while development a flash internet site, you could desire to take a number of issues into concern. initially, do no longer stuff it with too many exuberant components, or you will see black blocks earlier the finished flash shape is punctiliously downloaded. Secondly, use preloader for the clumsy area of your internet site, it would desire to shrink the hazards of displeasing your travelers. Thirdly, shield the compatibility for the duration of browsers which includes IE and Firefox. Fourthly, pass away some margin for HTML texts with the intention to make it less complicated for Google seek engine to discover you. BTW, HTML is even less complicated to seize than actionscript. you could learn it interior out interior each and every week.
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