Thank you note issues.?

Thank you note issues.? Topic: Help writing a thank you note
July 15, 2019 / By Frankie
Question: So, I was married on May 26th and when I got back from my honeymoon I started working on my thank you notes. I bugged and bugged my husband to help me write them with no luck. Finally, I told him that I would write the notes to 100 of about 130 guests who showed up. My family, Our friends and coworkers etc. Now I sent them out about 4 months after our wedding and pestered him to finish his (which I did see him work on) and placed some stapped envolopes on the desk with them. Anyway, today i find out that he never finished or sent them! I feel so awful that I didnt check up on it. I just assumed a 27 year old man would do what he said b/c he is always reliable. *Apparently, his friends told him the notes were a chick thing and nobody cared about them blah,blah blah. Now I'm pisse b/c its an appreciation thing and I feel like a jerk!* Should I send them notes this late? I dont want to call them and be like "OH, your family member did this and I'm so sorry heres your note... *I* wouls feel like someone was making excuses if they said that to me. Or, I'd be like so, you took care of your family and not us? I see where I stand.... I know alot of ppl will say i should have handled it and your right... What should I do now? I dont want to talk junk about my husband he messed up, so did I.... MAybe I should get something nice for them like a photo of us from the wedding to give.. Yanno, to make it worth the wait? HELP! I feel the need to mention I only asked him to do just his family b/c I thought they would be important enough to him to get him to do it. Yanno, He wouldn't want them not to get one so he would stop dragginf his feet and do it. It sounds aful but after writing 50shower thank yous and all of those wedding thank you's I was desprate for help....
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Darcie Darcie | 8 days ago
Welcome to married life! I found out years after our wedding that he forgot to include some family members. Granted, we both come from a HUGE family and our guests were in the 500's. Those who didn't get an invite, came anyways. They didn't raise a fuss about not getting an invite...at the time. It was only later that some of them brought up the fact that they never were invited to our wedding. And this was brought up over nice family dinners or when my Sisters in were on a shopping trip or at Mother in Laws house cleaning up. And we all laughed at it, and said always blame the Groom! My point or answer? Those that matter to you, the people you will become friends and family with, do not care about an invitation or thank you card. Trust me on this. Send the ones you can late, the ones you can't, forget about it! They know already what happened.
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Brandi Brandi
You should still send the notes. Late is so much better than never. Dont make an excuse or show your annoyance with your husband. Just include something along the lines of "Our first year together has been so busy, but fun!" That way you are kind of playing the busy newlyweds card. Dont worry, they will just be glad that you wrote the note instead of throwing in the towel at this point.
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Alease Alease
Send them NOW. It's better to send a "thank you" note late than not send one at all. In a perfect world, thank you notes for wedding gifts should be mailed out within thirty days of receiving a wedding gift BUT we all know this is not a perfect world and ninety days is acceptable. There is NO need to write an excuse for "lateness." Just say "thank you" and mail them out NOW. Answered by: A Certified wedding specialist / A Professional bridal consultant / A Wedding ceremony officiant
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Tristin Tristin
I would say still send them out. It is better late than never. Everyone deserves to be thanked for coming to the wedding and any gift that they gave to the two of you. I did most of our thank you notes too. There are some things that I am just willing to do myself. I did have him write about 15 of them though. These were the ones to his attendants and his high school friends. I sat down at the table with him one night and addressed the envelopes while he wrote out the thank you notes. I know it feels like you are playing "Mom", but some things are more important to women than they are to men. We have to give them that little extra push :)
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Reilly Reilly
This happened to me as well, my husband was supposed to take thank you notes in for the people he worked with (I wrote them all) and then 2 months later I found he had not given them in, I was mortified but he took them in and said he gave them out the next day, I am not sure whether he ever did but my thinking on this is better late than never.
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Meed Meed
I think you should send them, late and all. It's awkward, true, but it's the proper thing to do. I would just say something like, "Please accept our sincere apologies for being so tardy in thanking you for ________." Then tell them how much you've used/enjoyed the thing they got you over the summer and autumn. Conclude by wishing them a happy holiday season, so it almost seems appropriate for you to be sending them a card at this time. Good luck. And thunk your husband on the head a couple of times.
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Johnnie Johnnie
send them. people notice if they never got a thank younote. better late then never. and sending them a pic is a fantastic idea. just enclose a nice 4 by 6 pic from the wedding (and maybe one of them at the wedding if you have any) in the thank you. and just know that you must check up on your hubby from time to time!
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