Why is marijuana illegal?

Why is marijuana illegal? Topic: Writing papers for money illegal
July 21, 2019 / By Fran
Question: First off, I don't smoke, but I have nothing against pp that do. I personally think that marijuana should be legal. Alcohol for example, I believe is way worse than weed will ever be. How many pp get DUIs, get alcohol poisoning, and get killed by drunk drivers? I know that they say that weed is a "gateway" drug and although I do know pp that started out with weed and got into other things, I know more that started out with weed and have just stuck with it without trying anything else. I personally believe that weed is illegal because the government can't tax it (to easy to grow) and therefor make no money off of it. That's why alcohol and cigarettes is perfectly legal. The gov. can tax it and make madd money off of it. I know pp say that it should be illegal because it is bad for you and get's you into a different state of mind but doesn't alcohol? So where do you draw the line? Alcohol, cigarettes, McDonald's, and a lot of other things are bad for you yet are perfectly legal. I am asking this to see other people's opinions and thoughts about this subject. I'm not asking this for pp to bash others or write stupid offensive comments. If you do, you will get thumbs down. That being said, let me know what you think and remember, please respect others.
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Danielle Danielle | 3 days ago
It is illegal for a couple of reasons. First, back in the 1930s when it was made illegal, it was used mostly by Mexican immigrants, so prejudice was involved. Also, a newspaper publisher (William Randolf Hearst) owned a good number of timber forests and paper mills where trees were made into paper. Hemp theatened his ability to monopolize the paper market, so he was one of the driving forces is making it illegal.
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Danielle Originally Answered: Why is alcohol illegal and marijuana illegal?
Alcohol is legal (did you know your question says it's "illegal"?) mainly because after the Prohibition, the government looked at what was going on and thought "OH CRAP!" Prior to the Prohibition in the early 1900's, there was crime of course, but it was a little bit different than it has been ever since then. Before alcohol became illegal, organized crime was a relatively small problem in one or two major cities like New York and Chicago. Then the Temperance Society comes along, pushes for alcohol to be illegal, and it seems like a reasonable idea, so it becomes illegal. All of a sudden, the relatively well-contained problem of the Mafia and other organized crime just exploded, cashing in on the high price of bootleg liquor. Speakeasies started cropping up not only in New York and Philly and Chicago, but in your relatively small midwestern towns. The speakeasies not only pushed and served illegal alcohol, it brought people into the underworld, fueled by money, liquor, gambling, and other crimes. Your all-American "good ol' boys" who had formerly gathered at the local bar or saloon and occasionally got in a brawl now were consorting with hardened criminals if they wanted to enjoy a drink. Basically, the government's decision to make alcohol illegal was the number one reason organized crime is as wide-spread and dangerous as it has been since that time. When they saw they had only made problems worse for themselves, the government made alcohol legal again. Marijuana, though, is strong and works quickly. After one or two drags, you can start to get high. You drink two beers and get in the car, most people can drive, no problem (whether they SHOULD or not is another story). If you smoke two joints, though, you can be REALLY dangerous behind the wheel of a car.

Bonnie Bonnie
I agree that weed should be legal. It is no worse than alcohol and the government has no right to ban something like that. Allowing more drugs to be legal would mean they no longer need to be sold by dangerous criminals, it would save the government millions spent on law enforcement and it could even be taxed. And screw people who say "its a gateway drug", we all know that. If people want to do drugs let them, its their life not yours! Legalizing marijuana just makes sense.
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Alannis Alannis
Like you said, because the government can't tax it. And it's not a gateway drug if you're a reasonable person. I've been smoking weed for 4 years and that's the only thing I'm ever going to smoke.
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Trev Trev
the problem with things like alcohol is not necessarily the substance, but the people using it who don't know where to draw their own line, if people could drink socially here and there and have a good time and hold themselves together, no problemo. but people don't know when to quit so that's when you run into problems...same with weed in some cases, drugs are drugs, marijuana is a drug, and drug addicts will do anything to get their fix. their whole lives revolve around it, and weed does just that to people- becomes all they care about. (like i said, in some cases!) interesting points you brought up though (about the taxing and stuff!)
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Reggie Reggie
Because people wanna smoke that instead of working and getting a job, and that means no taxes to pay for the government, which means they don't get any money
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Reggie Originally Answered: Why is marijuana even illegal?
You should watch the documentary, "Should I smoke dope?" It explains exactly why marijuana is kept illegal. A reporter went first hand into the smoking experience and documented her results. In street marijuana, you NEVER know what it's laced with or how high the THC levels are. Marijuana with high levels of THC can create extreme fear, paranoia and can make your actions very dangerous. Marijuana has different strengths and it's not all giggles and doritos, like it has been stereotyped. There are places where you can go and legally purchase marijuana and KNOW the kind and strength you are getting.

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