Understanding my deferred adjudication?

Understanding my deferred adjudication? Topic: Texas state jobs application
July 17, 2019 / By Flurry
Question: I went to court and plead no contest for a class B misdemeanor and upon completion of the trial, I received one year of deferred adjudication. My husband is in the navy and while the offense happened in Texas, the judge and my probation officer pulled some strings and now I live in Connecticut. I've been told that Texas and Connecticut are not connected by law. So I am trying to get a job and was wondering if when I am applying for jobs, whether or not I need to answer yes on questions asking me whether or not I've ever been convicted, found guilty, or plead no contest to crimes involving drugs or been charged with crimes involving drugs.
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Dandrenor Dandrenor | 1 day ago
yes you need to disclose that, while they may not be connected your record will show no matter what state you are in and where the offense happened. it runs by your social security number. Telling the truth can always help. a friend of mine has this issue and didn't tell them about his probation and got fired for lying on the application.
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I applied to Binghamton early action 2 years ago and I got accepted (I am attending there now). I had a 1270 SAT math/verbal also and a 630 writing. I had 4 years of marching band and some other extra-curriculars and my GPA was about a 94. The SUNY schools have since been getting extremely competitive because of the economy and more kids applying to more schools...also Binghamton is the top SUNY school. I would still say you have a pretty good chance of getting accepted, I am actually surprised you didn't get in early action. I guess some other things to consider are if you are living in-state or out, and what your coursework was like in high school (did you take a lot of AP's?). I would be shocked if you didn't get in with those scores, but I guess it would show how really competitive it's getting. If you are really banking on going to Binghamton and you don't get in you could always go to your second choice school for a year and then transfer as long as you keep up your grades.
Dandrenor Originally Answered: What does being deferred mean towards my chances?
A deferral means you've been moved to the regular application pool, assuming you applied early action. Those early app pools are generally smaller and way more competitive. I think you've still got a decent chance to get in when compared against the average applicant with a CR/Math SAT like that. I have no idea what to make of that GPA, though. Not my kind of computation!

Bonduca Bonduca
If the question is actually worded as you did in your example, you should answer yes. But always read the question carefully, I've never seen one worded as your example. I of course would always recommend you answer honestly to avoid issues later, but be sure you are answering the question as asked. If you were placed on deferred adjudication that means the judge put off any finding of guilt and if you completed the probation successfully, the original charge is dismissed. Net result, this is not a conviction, so if the question ask if you have been convicted, the answer is no.
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Alanna Alanna
I have never heard the phrase "not connected by law" before, so I do not know what you mean by that. Deferred disposition means that if you keep your nose clean for the specified time, they will not proceed with prosecution, and therefore, you will not have a conviction.However, if you do not abide by the rules set during your deferrment period (kind of like probation), they will proceed with the prosecution. For future reference though, if you are convicted of a crime, it will show up if a criminal background, regardless of the state you are in. It wouldn't make sense to be able to move to the next state over and start fresh if you rack up too many convictions.
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You do stand a chance, so don't give up quite yet. In fact, you now have an opportunity to improve your application. If Binghamton is your #1 choice, then send them a letter with one additional thing for your application. The "thing" can be one additional, glowing reference, or an award you've won since you applied, or something else that can really add to your application. In the letter, you tell them that Binghamton is your first choice. Make that quite clear. And then you leave it. That'll have to be enough. But something like that can help.

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