Is there something wrong with me?

Is there something wrong with me? Topic: Homework computer desk
July 21, 2019 / By Flower
Question: This has been by far the most unhealthiest year of my life. Since October I have had strep throat multiple times, Bronchitis, Tonsillitis, and occasional colds. These have all been back to back, leaving me few days in between of what I like to call "feel good" days. I've been stressed out a lot this school year, and I'm the captain of the dance team. With my sickness I am never at school, so I'm never at practice. I get criticized for it from my coaches, but if I'm sick- then I'm just sick. I've pulled through practices many times with fevers high as 103.1. Yet I continue to remain ill. I think a lot of it has to do with my eating habits, I don't eat school lunch because I attend college classes and my schedule is arranged for me to eat in the car "on my way" to the college courses. There's never anything in the fridge so I spend all of my money on fast foods. My days are spent on the run, not much time for "resting". After dance I have work. I don't sleep much, only when I've extremely ill. Most nights I get about 4 hours of sleep. I don't eat fruit because I dislike it's taste. I'm underweight, and really unhappy. I've lost the fire to continue with dance due to my stress, but can't find myself to quit. I really want to get off the team since it's not what it used to be, I'm not acknowledged as the captain, it's not my passion just something to keep me in shape. I'm sick of going to school extremely ill "just for the team" or playing catchup with routines because I wasn't there. I'm burnt out and feel that I'm wasting my time... Should I quit? I've recently gotten sick again. Right now I'm receiving the same symptoms I"ve had with bronchitis. Last time I was at the doctors was 2 weeks ago, and before then few days stood between visits. Now, my computer desk is filled with medications, and my parents are spending so much money. I Why can't I stay well? I'm always sick! I'm not sleeping with the fan, I'm fully clothed (Socks and all) I always wear my coat, drink lots of water, eat when I feel like it, take vitamins here and there, etc.
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Dandrane Dandrane | 10 days ago
Your health is the most important thing. Without good health everything else will fall apart eventually. You seem to be overloaded. It happens alot because everyone has high expectations for you including yourself. Sounds like you are going to school, doing dance, doing college, working, then add homework and any friendships and you are overloaded. You need to step back and determine what are the three most important things you want to do. Then concentrate only on them. If that means quitting the dance squad then do it. If it is better for your health you need to step up and give it up. Slow down and take care of your health. Eat lots of vegtables and if you don't like fruit add some juice or nibble on dried fruit. Drink plenty of water and try to stay away from fast food. Also, if you are around smokers this can be causing your lung issues. Try to step away from them if possible. Take care of your health. You will be glad you did, feel better and be able to get back on the fast track. Good Luck, slow down and enjoy yourself. Stress is a killer.
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Bobbie Bobbie
I had a bad year like that. It seemed to be one cold after the other. The doctor told me that it was a form of flu virus which my body was having a problem fighting off. I literally had to give up on everything to get the rest I needed to get well but it worked in the end. The body can cope with fighting viruses if you let it get plenty of rest. You are not. Most of those expensive medications simply mask the discomfort of the symptoms. I am not keen on fruit either but I like vegetables and they are just as good for you. There are lots of ways of eating fruit and veg, juices, soups, jellies and so on. Please try to find a way you enjoy because natural is much better than vitamin pills. You simply can not beat sleep though. The body needs it to concentrate on doing nothing else but fighting off that bug.
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