What should I write a poem about?

What should I write a poem about? Topic: I should be writing my paper
July 18, 2019 / By Florry
Question: I love writing and im not sure what to write about next. I've done an I AM poem, one about soldiers, my father, looking beyond personality, a normal teenage "whoa is me", one about religion, and corruption. Good ideas, and don't say "write what you feel" because i have no idea what im feeling. Love is too common, too cheesy
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Damiana Damiana | 8 days ago
Just write about anything - maybe here's some ideas? I'm thinking of writing a poem, But nothing will spring soon to mind! My ideas have all gone out the window, As I sit here on my behind! So what will I write about tell me, Before it turns quite daylight, Will I have to sit here in torture, And stay up all through the night? I could write about ghosts in the houses, Or how I pray on my knees! Maybe the moon that shines through my window, And even the breeze in the trees! I must get the pen now to paper, As ideas are starting to flow, If yours should turn out best answer, Don't worry I'll soon let you know!
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Damiana Originally Answered: How to write a poem, does every poem need rhythm, what mean free poem, please give me some suggestio?
I think your poems are good :) Keep it up! Every poem doesn't necessarily need rhythm, but I think they flow much better if they do. Sometimes, though, when people make a poem rhyme, it seems too forced and it's not as well written as it would be if they didn't make it rhmye. A free poem means that it doesn't rhyme, there's not really a structure to it, and it's really just thoughts or things that someone wrote down on paper and called it a poem. But I think that you are doing great with your poems, and I can tell that they come from your heart, and that you are passionate about writing. Good job, and keep writing!! :D
Damiana Originally Answered: How to write a poem, does every poem need rhythm, what mean free poem, please give me some suggestio?
Rhythm not necessarily, but it does add beauty to the poem. By reading the poems by Shakespear, Tennyson & other english poets including Milton , you will learn how to write good poems.

Blythe Blythe
Write what you know- first day of school, the time your first tooth fell out, the smell of your mother's hair, being alone in the house, the way a ripe pear feels on the bottom of your naked feet, sunlight on a polished floor...
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Aiyana Aiyana
Write one about dreams, I find those poems to always be interesting due to the fact that dreams are so different.
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Aiyana Originally Answered: Plz check my poem i am from pakistan and i like to write english poem but mybe it has alot of mistake.?
I think it is a very sweet poem! Keep writing! :) I will suggest just a few changes, if you dont mind. --------------------------------------... When I look deep in your eyes I feel as if I could take flight And wherever I am, I'll believe in you forever I believe that we are evolving in love Yes, Love! My heart jumped with joy when you looked at me When I read on your eyes the word love And I believed that life is love But do not forget that you are my love When I stared into your eyes I lost my myself, I lived for you What am I? Who am I? Where am I? But I know that you are mine And you will be mine one day When I stared into your eyes A hope to wait for you was born And I shall just say that I love you Though this great distance between us compels me to cry But I will try to simply think of you, and smile

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