New power supply for a dell c521?

New power supply for a dell c521? Topic: Case shuttle
July 19, 2019 / By Flore
Question: hello is there a way i could upgrade my dell c521 psu from 280w to 400w. its a slim case and i need a new psu for the new gpu im getting. could someone give me a link to one
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Dalilah Dalilah | 2 days ago
It uses SFF (small form factor). This one looks right : (check the dimesions & compare with existing one) http://www.ozdirect.com/product/Shuttle+... regards, Philip T
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Dalilah Originally Answered: Dell Power Supply Upgrade?
All desktop power supplies are interchangeable except for wattage. And they are almost foolproof when installing. The brand makes no difference either, except for personal preference. I just bought a Hewlett Packard 6320y and put a ATI Radeon HD 5870 in it. Which required a new power supply. I went ahead and put an 850 watt in it. Just in case I needed to upgrade in the future. FYI: Hewlett Packard and Dell are the same company.
Dalilah Originally Answered: Dell Power Supply Upgrade?
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Blanid Blanid
Dell is infamous for using nonstandard power supplies. Just search the web for c521 power supply upgrade and see what you find.
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Blanid Originally Answered: Dell Vostro 420 MT comes with how many wattage of power supply?
Let me guess... you're thinking about putting in a graphics card right? You can't simply look at the watt rating alone. There's more things that go into a power supply than you think. A computer is usually powered by 5V and 12V lines. Yes that power supply does more than convert 110V AC into DC... it actually creates 3 different DC voltage lines. Open up your case and I suggest you look at the amperage rating. It should have a 12V on it and below an amps rating. This should give you an idea of how much power you can play with. Since 300W is easily consumed these days... I would recommend a Radeon HD 5570.

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