What are the vaccination guidelines for a puppy?

What are the vaccination guidelines for a puppy? Topic: article guidelines
July 19, 2019 / By Flo
Question: and after all their puppy shots are done whats next? year vet trips? well today my puppy is getting his last booster shot, i want to know whats next.
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Daisy Daisy | 8 days ago
http://www.peteducation.com/article.cfm?articleid=960 then after all them its once a year annual which includes rabie shot and check for heart worms
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The Facts About GARDASIL 1) GARDASIL is a vaccine for 4 strains of the human papillomavirus (HPV), two strains that are strongly associated (and probably cause) genital warts and two strains that are typically associated (and may cause) cervical cancer. About 90% of people with genital warts show exposure to one of the two HPV strains strongly suspected to cause genital warts. About 70% of women with cervical cancer show exposure to one of the other two HPV strains that the vaccine is designed to confer resistance to. 2) HPV is a sexually communicable (not an infectious) virus. When you consider all strains of HPV, over 70% of sexually active males and females have been exposed. A condom helps a lot (70% less likely to get it), but has not been shown to stop transmission in all cases (only one study of 82 college girls who self-reported about condom use has been done). For the vast majority of women, exposure to HPV strains (even the four “bad ones” protected for in GARDASIL) results in no known health complications of any kind. 3) Cervical cancer is not a deadly nor prevalent cancer in the US or any other first world nation. Cervical cancer rates have declined sharply over the last 30 years and are still declining. Cervical cancer accounts for less than 1% of of all female cancer cases and deaths in the US. Cervical cancer is typically very treatable and the prognosis for a healthy outcome is good. The typical exceptions to this case are old women, women who are already unhealthy and women who don’t get pap smears until after the cancer has existed for many years. 4) Merck’s clinical studies for GARDASIL were problematic in several ways. Only 20,541 women were used (half got the “placebo”) and their health was followed up for only four years at maximum and typically 1-3 years only. More critically, only 1,121 of these subjects were less than 16. The younger subjects were only followed up for a maximum of 18 months. Furthermore, less than 10% of these subjects received true placebo injections. The others were given injections containing an aluminum salt adjuvant (vaccine enhancer) that is also a component of GARDASIL. This is scientifically preposterous, especially when you consider that similar alum adjuvants are suspected to be responsible for Gulf War disease and other possible vaccination related complications. 5) Both the “placebo” groups and the vaccination groups reported a myriad of short term and medium term health problems over the course of their evaluations. The majority of both groups reported minor health complications near the injection site or near the time of the injection. Among the vaccination group, reports of such complications were slightly higher. The small sample that was given a real placebo reported far fewer complications — as in less than half. Furthermore, most if not all longer term complications were written off as not being potentially vaccine caused for all subjects. 6) Because the pool of test subjects was so small and the rates of cervical cancer are so low, NOT A SINGLE CONTROL SUBJECT ACTUALLY CONTRACTED CERVICAL CANCER IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM — MUCH LESS DIED OF IT. Instead, this vaccine’s supposed efficacy is based on the fact that the vaccinated group ended up with far fewer cases (5 vs. about 200) of genital warts and “precancerous lesions” (dysplasias) than the alum injected “control” subjects. 7) Because the tests included just four years of follow up at most, the long term effects and efficacy of this vaccine are completely unknown for anyone. All but the shortest term effects are completely unknown for little girls. Considering the tiny size of youngster study, the data about the shortest terms side effects for girls are also dubious. 8) GARDASIL is the most expensive vaccine ever marketed. It requires three vaccinations at $120 a pop for a total price tag of $360. It is expected to be Merck’s biggest cash cow of this and the next decade. These are simply the facts of the situation as presented by Merck and the FDA.

Bithiah Bithiah
I might not be exactly accurate on this cause i need to look, but we give our puppies their 1st shots @ 12 weeks (the 5 way puppy shot) cause at 8 weeks they still have some of mom's antibodlies, and then we wait until 14-16 weeks to give the 2nd shot. and so forth. please also devorm your pet on schedule, as well as the parvo as was mentioned. Vet will have a schedule for you, since vets have to give the rabies shots anyway.
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Aimey Aimey
Generally once a year, and they will do a check up while they are there. Our vets are great because we are in a club and we get reminders, free check ups, and free inoculations, as well as discounts on everything. Ask yours if they have anything similar.
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Tommy Tommy
Mine got hers at about 2 weeks old, then 2 mos(I think), and we got her at 4 mos old. She had her next set at six mos, and it's every year after that.
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Raymund Raymund
they come back in couple weeks and get a check up to c is every thing okay, every couple months hope that helps
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Mathias Mathias
MAKE SURE THEY GET A PARVO SHOT! PLEASE! I had TWO dogs die because of this disease! Get the vaccination as soon as your dog is old enough.
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