PPM of colloidal silver for cat's sensitive stomach and stomach infections?

PPM of colloidal silver for cat's sensitive stomach and stomach infections? Topic: Case sensitive part 2
July 18, 2019 / By Flicka
Question: I have been using colloidal silver for cat's sensitive stomach and stomach infections. O.k, I had went to Vitamin World back in October or so and got Colloidal Silver its 30PPm. It costed around $20 It is for my cat. He gets stomach infections and pukes EVERYWHERE for a week! it's horrible. I have switched his food to expensive, then back to Meow Mix because it makes no difference. He was a free kitten, a "mutt" and I've had him 7 years. I went to G.N.C. today and they had NO colloidal Silver. the 30ppm worked good, but I had to give my 16 pound cat a teaspoon 2 to 3 times a day for 2 weeks or so until he got all better. (the TWO rounds of cat antibiotics from the Vet in early 2009 did NOT help, but Colloidal Silver HAS!!) This is the homeopathic medicine my kitty needs. and a GOOD DOSE to stave off stomach infection. I found a bottle with dropper of C.S. online for $27.99, but it is 500ppm!!! that is SO MUCH stronger than 30ppm(parts per million)that I currently have that is about used up. BUT, then I could use the dropper and only give the cat a few drops, maybe even once a day. but would the formula be TOO STRONG??? What do you think??
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Dahlia Dahlia | 7 days ago
What you need is a proper diagnosis for your cat, not self-diagnoisis and self-medicating. The colloidal silver clearly isn't working, or you have no idea what you're treating for and it's not an appropriate medication. With an appropriate diagnosis and treatment, things do not COME BACK. First, the Meow Mix is likely causing the stomach issue. That's a god-awful food full of dyes, preservatives, and by-products. It's not an appropriate diet for a cat at all. You want to use homeopathy, and feed your cat that crap? That makes no sense whatsoever. People who are properly into homeopathy understand the need for proper nutrition and holistic foods. Feed a high quality, grain free canned food without by-products as Nature intended the cat to eat, and you'll be on the way. And it's time to make a vet appointment, with a different vet who will work to determine why - or if - your cat gets these 'stomach infections'. If two rounds of antibiotics did not clear it up, then it either wasn't what you thought it was, or it was not an appropriate antibiotic. The CS may or may not be clearing up what you have guessed the problem to be, as in many cases these problems come and go - and we 'credit' our 'cures' with timing, and it's not a real cure. To guess at the dose for the CS for your cat would be irresponsible.
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Well, the simple fact that I haven't studied any enzymes here recently, coupled with my complete inability to read minds over the internet, means that this question is going to be entirely impossible to answer. Do your own homework.

Bithia Bithia
Hard to begin to answer this. You do not say what "stomach infection" the cat was diagnosed with nor the symptoms so we trying to answer are in the dark (even though none of us are vets in the first place). It would be helpful to know what is meant by "sensitive stomach". "Expensive" food does not always equate with good although Meow Mix is rubbish food which might certainly upset the stomach of a cat with digestive issues. Colloidal silver is an allopathic, not homeopathic, natural remedy for some, mainly topical, bacterial infections. If your cat did or does have a bacterial infection a good vet would have been able to diagnose and treat it correctly. That whichever antibiotic your vet prescribed did not work indicates that either the vet misdiagnosed the infection (if there is one) or that it was correctly prescribed but the cat was not on it long enough to kill all of the bacteria or (protozoans). I would suggest that you stop the colloidal silver. Why should it be needed to "stave off" stomach infection? The problem is why your cat is repeatedly becoming ill with whatever it is. Since the "infection" recurs colloidal silver is not killing whatever the "infection" is. It isn't logical that a cat or any other animal would repeatedly "catch" the same thing over and over. If you are intent on a more natural course of treatment for your cat please stop doing it on your own and seek help from a holistic veterinarian. Here is a holistic veterinarian finder: http://www.holisticvetlist.com/ It is very possible your cat may be sensitive to whatever is in the cat foods you have used. What do they have in common ingredient-wise? Corn? Soy? Wheat? You could try a food that eliminates the ingredients most likely to cause digestive problems in cats. The Natural Balance Limited Ingredient formulas might be good to start with. I think your cat needs to see a good vet to get to the root of his problem.
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Ailsie Ailsie
I think - you are trying to treat your cat with far too little knowledge of the substance you are using or the effective or safe dose, the way to change the strength of preparations of things, and that you may be endangering your cat. And - no one calls a cat a "mutt." Did a vet, homeopathic or not, prescribe this treatment? It sounds to me like you are "self medicating" the cat and since you can't figure out what dose to give of different concentrations of the stuff, you are likely going to kill the cat. Just because some antibiotics last year didn't work, I would not give up on traditional vet treatment. And - WOW, it was TWO rounds of antibiotics. What is a "round" to you? What antibiotic was used? Are your sure the vet was competent? There are incompetent vets. Adding up what you said, and didn't say - it scares me and I worry about the safety of the cat. Try going to another vet. I am completely serious - take your cat to another vet who can properly diagnosis it and decide if you are using the correct materials or not and what the dose should be. If they think another treatment would work, at least give it a chance.
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Tommie Tommie
I use the Purina One Sensitive Systems food for my cat with a sensitive stomach. It's helped her a lot.
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