I'm so stressed out. I just wanna run away from life. Help?

I'm so stressed out. I just wanna run away from life. Help? Topic: Fun homework activities for kids
July 19, 2019 / By Fiona
Question: I'm 13 and I have so much homework and activities I just can't stand it anymore. School's tough because I'm in classes with all the brainiest, most outgoing, and athletic kids and we're all competitive. I get so much homework every single day and I never have any time to just chill out and do something fun. I play the PIANO everyday for an hour and it takes me 2-4 hours to finish all my homework. I play sports also. I just WANT to chill out, grab a book, play some video games, or watch TV for once. When I'm sick I force myself to go to school. I just wish it were summer so I could relax and hang out with my friends. Help.
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Best Answers: I'm so stressed out. I just wanna run away from life. Help?

Cyrilla Cyrilla | 4 days ago
Please talk to your Mum or another trusted adult about how you are feeling. Maybe you can cut down on some of your activities? Going to school when you are sick will do you no favours.
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Well, it likely WILL go better. What's fighting going to accomplish, long run? What's the goal? If your actions and thoughts do not support your goal... work on that. Honey, it IS stress. Three kids is stress... and the fact you had a lot of help when you only had two, makes three without that exceptionally stressful. Well, look for biographies of women who had 4 or more kids and hung in. It's possible. Heck, my mom raised 4 kids and taught full time, the marriage worked, the kids turned out fine. It can happen. Gals do it with even more kids! I do not know how.. but some do. Breathe. Hold onto your husband like he's an incredilbe asset, HIM.. not his wallet, struggle and wade and sing your way through this until its the next chapter. Marriage is THE great adventure and well worth the ride if you're smart and made an interesting choice of spouse. Remember, he's your best decision of your life.... allow that knowledge to deeply penetrate in your life (you wouldn't have had 3 kids otherwise, right?), and ride the roller coaster. Be the best friend, believe he is your best friend. It'll get better... but it'll get better REAL FAST if you pursue that approach. He enriches your life. You enrich his. Don't let go of that.
Cyrilla Originally Answered: Stressed with life?
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Bijou Bijou
I completely understand. Honestly, what I did was just deal with it. I know, I know, it's so hard to, but just find something to hope for. Summer break, Easter break, next weekend, anything, and just keep focusing on it and know that the work you do now will all be done soon. We all go through rough spots in life, at any age. Don't let people saying "Oh, you can't be stressed out a 13!" make you feel worse, they just don't remember that age, or if they do, they had that time easy. Also, ask your parents if you can quit/take a break from Piano and maybe help you with your homework if they have time. It takes me a very long time to do mine, too, despite being a good student.
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Ailith Ailith
I'd suggest maybe dropping some of the optional activities if there are any so you can have more time to yourself.
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