What are they saying about me in Italian?

What are they saying about me in Italian? Topic: Ra papers
July 19, 2019 / By Finuala
Question: So I'm going to interview a foreign exchange student in my school and then write a paper for my Advanced Comp class because the teacher said it could be counted for my cultural activity project ^_^ I posted something about it on his wall, and some of his friends commented on it. From the little that would translate I could tell they are talking about me. What are they saying? C: kiàààààààà min u pikonnnnnnn!! F: Ahahahahah!..condivido l'affermazione di Candido!..ormai te la fai cn le giornaliste!.. M: Ngul kest la devi proprio rompere.... F: Ha messo la faccina sorridente, tanto nn capisce un cazzoooo!..ahahahah!.. ??? help! :\
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Cynthia Cynthia | 3 days ago
C: as far as I can understand this can be a sort of dialect: Kiààààààà (this might be transalted into Chiaaaaaaaaaa(ra) a female name. Min u pikoooooonnn: take a pick!!! F: Ahahahahah (laughing) I agree with Candido's affirmation!...Now you have sex with journalists (but in a rude way) M: Ngul (maybe a name or a rude way to say f*u*c) you must really break her (in a rude way "break" means to have hard sex) F: She posted a smiling face but it makes no difference, she doesn't understand a shi*t
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Look into the music of Francesco Paolo Tosti, he is a great Neapolitan composer and with gorgeous music and very popular. Make a research in fact into Neapolitan music (such as Core'n grato by Salvatore Cardillo, Fenesta che lucive, Torna a Surriento, etc...) Also consider some of the most famous opera arias from Verdi, Donizetti, Rossini and Puccini. There are lots of good music in there that are truly Italian just as the Neapolitan ones. There is also the last CD of Luciano Pavarotti that has more of a opera/pop sort of music but it is nice. And for the most "light and modern" you would like to consider "Il Divo" and "Andrea Bocelli" not of my taste but people with not too much Italian background will feel more "Italian environment." Hope this helps.

Biddy Biddy
The best I could do: Kiàààààààà min u pikonnnnnnn!! Ahahahahah! ..condivido the assertion of Sincere! ..ormai you you do it cn the journalists!.. Ngul kest you have to it actual break. ... : It put the faccina smiling, much nn understands a cazzoooo! ..ahahahah!..
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Ailie Ailie
this is all i can translate C: kiàààààààà min pikonnnnnnn u! F: Ahahahahah! .. I agree with the assertion of Candide! .. Now you cn do the women journalists! .. M: Do you have to break the Ngul Kest .... F: He put the smiley face, so nn understands a cazzoooo! .. Hahahaha! ..
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Tolbert Tolbert
C:That's Viatnamese... o.O F (1):Ahahahahah! .. I agree with the assertion of Candide! .. Now you can do the women journalists!. M: Ngul Kest you have to just break .... F: "Well he put the smiley face so she doesn't know ****. ahahaha!"
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Rashawn Rashawn
something about, she really is a journalist, appropriate... understand,. very poor translation, I'm sure someone else can translate much better, I just know a few words from what you wrote phonetically
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Rashawn Originally Answered: Hi!My name's Francesca,a 15 years old italian girl.I just want to know what do you think about italian people!
Yes, I've been to the Italy only to Milan and Florence. I was going to go to Rome but there was a train strike and I loved it. I have some Italian friends here in the States and am used to their generosity, warmth, and great cooking. The Italians in Italy are just very polished in terms of possessing style and class. I LOVE accents in general so it's only but natural for me to adore the Italian accent. When the Italian languague is spoken it just seems to roll off from the tongue so effortlessly, softly, and smoothly as if it's a sound of purring. It's kind of the same as Spanish, but much more elegant. Seriously, just speak to me in Italian and it's over; you got me! I'll be in so much awe of you *smiles* There everyone dresses with a sense of sophistication being either male or female. It's a very nice look unlike Americans who's style consist of jeans, baseball caps, flip flops, and track suits. In Europe for women the handbag and shoes are the most important aspects of her outfit. I also like how all around Europe people walk, take public transportation (buses, metros, trains, subways, taxis), and mopeds to reach their destinations regardless of what they're wearing. I think Americans could learn so much from the Italians and the rest of Europe in terms of how they live. Because here in the States we're so consumed with materialistic things (the newer, bigger, and more expensive things), work-a-holics, greedy, and selfish. But in Europe it's the complete opposite; Europeans know what truly matters most; they seem to have their priorities in order. Their happiness drives from within as they lead simple lives and remember the importance of family, religion, history, and culture. Not to mention the men are beautiful and the women are gorgeous. Since I've came back to the states I refused to eat at any so-called "Italian" restuarants knowing that they aren't authentic nor even close to the types of food I had experienced in Italy. And American Italian Gelato stores are so gross...I can't wait to go back to Italy for the real deal! So thank God I have Italian-American friends who invite me over to their house for dinner lol The last time I was in Italy was in summer of '06 and I still can't seem to stop the word Europe (Italy, France, Germany, UK- places I visited) out of my vocabulary. lol. It's not a real problem or anything, but my family is so tired of me talking about it lol....it's been 2 yrs. Anyway, I'm planning on returning to Europe next summer and have my mom convinced to go to Italy; though I'm still working on my sister. I also wouldn't mind living there at all. I had lots of fun! I don't have any negative things to say, though, the driving is crazy. I almost got ran over twice! **Your english is just fine and I don't think that ALL Italians are involved in the Mafia...and frankly I wouldn't care. I love mafia movies *smiles* but I'm sure living that type of lifestyle isn't the same as the movies and just very dangerous situations to be in.

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