Why cant i ever choose?

Why cant i ever choose? Topic: Problem solving steps decision making
July 19, 2019 / By Ferne
Question: i have a boy friend but i still i think i like this other guy im great friends with and have a crush on hm i think. and then theres this guy who is a grade younger than me, but we had a great time together at a halloween party and i think i have a crush on him ive known him for 2 years. anyways... i really like the guy im going out with but i think i had a better time with him when we were just friends...and my friend who is one of my great friends doesnt date. and my friend that is a grade younger than me is well idk i just kinda dk. WAT DO YOU THINK I SHOULD D0? FORGET ABOUT THE OTHER GUYS?TELL MY BOYFRIEND OW I FEEL? OR WAT? oh bwt im in 8th grade
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Cyan Cyan | 9 days ago
ok, sounds like you need to take a breather. before you do anything else follow these quick important steps to calm down. 1) breath in and out 2) think about how you feel, about everything that's important to you 3) if everything feels so overwhelming that you cant control it throw your head back and laugh as loud as you can (this is important) 4) take a nap, but before you do ask yourself what you really want 5) wake up, think about it some more. 6) if you havent figured it out what you want by now you seriously need to get a grip. you're not five, you're dating now, solve it on your own so you know what to do if you feel this way in the future. ok maybe that last one's a little harsh, but sadly its the truth. look this really is a simple issue, you like one guy but at the same time your in a relationship with somebody else. you have to solve this problem on your own or with a close friend who can really understand what your going through. its not something a guy in his pajamas have way across the world speaking in a "shitty wok" accent can answer accurately. people go through this every day, you just have to realize what you want more, a new relationship or to stay and be commited in your current relationship i will give you at least one hint of meaningful advice (not that the list wasnt meaningful, laughing when your overwhelmed really works!) follow your heart. in the end if your heart will always know what it really wants. trust me you'll make it through this and make the right decision if you think long and hard about it.
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*Is Catholic* I was Protestant but after lots of reading found that Protestantism didn't match theologically with what early Christians believed or how they practiced their belief. I became Catholic and not Orthodox because, in a nut shell I studied history. Orthodoxy means "right belief" and in orthodoxy the highest arbiter of what is and what is not "right belief" is the Ecumenical Council which decides which belief of the Church Fathers is to be considered "orthodox". However today we know that the Orthodox are not united but are rather "the Orthodox Churches", and that there have been no "Orthodox Ecumenical Councils" even though there have been countless debates and important and divisive issues on what is and what is not the orthodox faith. For example, and most telling, both Catholics and Orthodox understand the usage of the Chair of Peter -- the difference is the understanding of the exercise of the "peterine powers" (even this differs amongst the orthodox as the Russian Orthodox will claim that the ROC holds the Chair of Peter). A case can be made to support both the Catholic and general Orthodox by appealing to the Church Fathers. The only recourse according to Orthodox theology is an Ecumenical Council. Yet there is no "Orthodox" Ecumenical Council. In fact there are no Orthodox Ecumenical Councils -- they stop counting the Councils after the 7th. However if we look at history, we notice that there are Ecumenical Councils, that the Orthodox were invited to, attended, voted in, added to, that decided this whole issue over which position of the Church Fathers was the "orthodox faith" in regards to the papacy. The Orthodox simply don't recognize these councils. However, this to me sort of is like the Arians saying that Niceane should be ignored. So I became Catholic in part because the Orthodox position is to adhere to the Ecumenical Councils as final arbitrator – and those very councils decided that the pope was the final arbitrator in disputes over orthodoxy.

Bettye Bettye
You could tell your boyfriend and do yourself a favor and refrain from a one on one relationship . Why limit yourself to just one person when you know you have feelings for at least two other guys. There is nothing wrong with the way you feel. Tell him you can still see him, but you want to see other people also. If he can't accept the situation, you will only have to be concerned with two boys. At least for now. Squido
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Ailee Ailee
ok well first of all i really think that you should just be single for a while and get your feelings together because you don't want to hurt anyone i think that you should consider your feelings first and see who you really like, i don't think that you have to go ut with them to like them, me and my x boyfriend love each other to death but we have came to realize that it is best that we are not together so i don't think that you have to be with that person, for example if he does not want to go out with you then ok that's not a reason to make him any less but at the same time u do have a boyfriend and it is not fair to him if you liked him better as a friend then just keep it that way and don't ruin any good friendship that you could have with him. .. =] i hope this helped
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Tobin Tobin
well...this is confusing..yet simple cause ur only in 8th grade. Okay well you decide who you like the best out of the three guys. I think...If you have a crush on another guy, WHILE dating, then u obviously don't like your boyfriend as much as you maybe should.so I say dump the boyfriend, and sort out the pros and con's about each guy. then decide which has more points, and then i guess make your move! have fun :)
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Randolph Randolph
Don`t tell this to ur boyfriend...even i m a guy n i noe how it feels if ma gal date or tak about sm other guy...nd be loyal or if u dont lyk ur boyfrn thn there s no point going forward for this relation...
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Martin Martin
First thing you should do, stop pretending like it actually matters what you do. If you upset you 8th grade boyfriend whats going to happen, he wont talk to you at lunch?
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Jess Jess
i suggest break up with your bf and tell him you have a lot of stuff going on right now and its just really bothering u and so you wanna take a little bit to get your mind straight
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Glendower Glendower
Jordan is via some distance the terrific participant to ever play the recreation. fowl and Magic have been greater snatch than Kobe. whether he became greater snatch that would not make him the 2nd incredible..
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Glendower Originally Answered: To choose or not to choose. And is there a choice?
I've been posting here on and off for the past 3 years and believe me, I've come and seen everything posted here. Trolls aren't so much of an issue here as they have been in the past (Anyone remember the good 'ol days of Da Ben Dan and the most infamous troll of all, Dr. Doris?). Anyways, I usually don't respond to rant-oriented questions like these, and I know my response may end up somewhere near the bottom of the page, but I hope it clears a few things up. I'm bisexual. I'm in High School. And I'm a Christian. A little bit of a weird mix, eh? Some people you'd swear sleep with their bible, they're so close to it, where others, like myself, believe in God, but believe that the bible, which has been rewritten, revised, skewed, and neglected over thousands of years isn't the perfect script that most believe it to be. I still pray, have faith and worship God, but I don't take advice from men who lived thousands of years ago who tell me that a man of God's creation is flawed. One man can't tell me that, and it's a shame so many listen. My fundamental belief is that God created all men and women, and as such it's an impossibility that any of them could be flawed - whether they are gay, straight, have downs syndrome, are sociopaths, or any other sort of difference that people see. Therefore, everyone is equally important, viable and should be endowed with the same rights as everyone else on this earth. And I'm a Christian. There's nothing you can do to "fix" the "problem" that is people having and sharing a certain faith. Heck, if you were to try and rip people's faith out from underneath them, some people would deem you worthy of being killed. There is no "solution" to people who follow a religion, but what you can do is help shape their foundation of what is right and wrong by saying not "well it's obviously not a choice" but instead "and are you any more holy and just by discriminating against me? Is that what God would want from you- to be a bigot, and support hatred?". I can tell you are most obviously writing this in a response to something you've heard, or seen, or have in some way come into contact with, so maybe instead of posting something like this, in a rant-style format, keep it disciplined. After all, the key to opening a good, healthy line of communication isn't to fire off reasons why they're wrong, why they're flawed, and why they're hypocrites; it's to bring them down to your level. Use what they know and love against them. This may not have been the response you were looking for, and I usually try and put my all into these questions, and I don't really care if I get downranked for "lol wall of text" or "that was a waste of time" sorts of things. But maybe you can find what you agree with in my post and walk away feeling a bit more happy that not everyone hates homosexuals, bisexuals, etc. Maybe. -Edit- I've actually been reading your question and some of the responses more thoroughly and I've noticed that there's this either/or fallacy that's run amok through here in that you think people are either "100% for the gay liberty" or you're "a discriminating bigot". Well, neither is completely correct. Division into two groups doesn't help in supporting a cause - instead it causes people to feel separated, apart, and hostile towards one another. Posting on these boards in a rant isn't productive really won't get as anywhere - I hope you'll see that. -Edit 2- Hey, any time. I don't post on here as often as I did, say 2 years ago or so, but I try and make the most of what I post. And my first edit was primarily in response to Ed, so I hope you don't take offense to that :) I love that you didn't come down on me with a thousand hammers though, I really appreciate that. I'm sorry that the trolls are still around, and I think with the way some people are still thinking, it's bound to keep coming, but through a bit of resistance, we'll make "truly" equal rights a reality. Soon enough. And if you ever need to talk about anything, or anything else, I think I've left my e-mail available to the public to contact, so feel free. :)

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