I want to get all A's in Spring semester?

I want to get all A's in Spring semester? Topic: Homework tutor resume
July 19, 2019 / By Fenella
Question: I'm a freshman at community college. I will be taking 15.3 units for Spring semester. Here are the classes I will be taking: English 1A (Reading and Composition) 4 units- This instructor is well-liked, but known as "very hard." English 900 (Lab FOR English 1A) .3 units- This is a lab where I do online activities or get tutoring on my English 1A work Chinese 2 (5 units)- It's not TOO hard, but not too easy. Asian American Literature (3 units)- I have no idea how easy/hard this teacher is. How is this subject in general? Humanities Through the Arts (3 units)- Class meets only 6 times in a 16 week semester. This class is known as a "GPA booster." So if I don't work, and focus on my studies, is this by any means a big load? Can I go to the gym regularly with this load? What do you guys think? I want to get all A's in them :)
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Cristina Cristina | 7 days ago
Hey man, good for you for pursuing education further than high school. Here are some things that have helped me. 1. I realized to get a real good grade, I need to spend "at least" twice as much time studying as the time I spend in class each week. That means if in English, you have 3 or 4 hours of class, spend at least 6 to 8 hours studying just that subject alone each week. Crazy I know, but how bad do you want to get the "A," and the boost of self-esteem and the respect of your peers and instructor that comes with it? 2. As soon as you get assignments and stuff, get it done straight away, don't leave it, leaving it a little bit, makes it easier to leave it a little bit longer, than a little longer until the night before it's due! it's so much easier to just get it done straight away, then you can relax! 3. Do your homework or studying for the day before you watch tv, before you hang out with friends or whatever. If you put it off just until you do this, or that, or get back from this place, I can almost guarantee you, it will not get done! it will be put off later and later. Why? because you're human, don't trust yourself. I have never taken Asian Literature man, but no matter how hard it is, you're a human being and you have a brain, if you apply yourself, study plenty and properly, I'm sure you will do excellent at it. In my opinion, full-time school is a full-time job, if you can work while doing full-time school that's awesome but if you don't have to use the extra time to study extra hard at your school and get all A+'s, think about having that on your resume and I'm sure any University would love to take you. Oh, and as far as the gym, as long as you do it after you're done studying and it doesn't get in the way, you'll be fine, in fact exercising helps your brain! Good luck
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Cristina Originally Answered: Hi, is this a good schedule for Spring semester?
It is almost impossible to get all A's and take 18 credit hours. I know, I have taken 18 credit hours. I would suggest that either you realize that you may not get all A's or you take less credits.

Bettina Bettina
grades are a measurement of how much of that subject you can comprehend, if you get a 90 in a class that usually means you know 90% of what the teacher teaches. Go back to your texts books are try to absorb as much information as possible. then take notes in every class, and read through them a couple of times.
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Aidith Aidith
go over all cahpters that u had trouble with take ALOT of notes listen to teacher always pay attention adn when exams come organize your worksheets notes in to little sections then go over them find little quick cheats to remember them by and write down every single vocabulary word i your hand writing try that
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