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July 21, 2019 / By Felise
Question: im just wondering what would be the best second proffesion for a ranger in guild wars prophecies? if u can help me it would be great. any other tips on the game appreciated.
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Cristal Cristal | 5 days ago
So you want to be a ranger ehh? Well you have scratched the very surface of a scary class my friend. First think about this. From experience I have to say the ranger can be a VERY tough class to take on, you have so much in your hands to take care of. BUT you will also find that in mastering this profession you can have a great time interrupting opponents in pvp or just plain old damage dealing. Now that that is said and done, the best secondary is based on what you (the player) wants to be. A Jack of all ranger skills build is the plain old monk secondary to use condition removal on yourself. That is boring and you have prophecies which comes with a handy Antidote sig to rid yourself of those nasty blind conditions and such. SO disregarding the monk secondary now from the "best" selection you are left with a few choices. I will divide them into categories: 1.) Damage Dealing 2.) interupting 3.) Pet master 4.) condtion spam damage dealing: Ranger/ Elementalist: Although shunned somewhat this is a deadly combination, if used right. FIRST, choose an element; fire, water, or wind, NOT EARTH. SECOND buy, or find a bowstring corresponding to that element, and also obtain the skill conjure (flame, lightning, or frost depending on element). THIRD equip a preparation which deals more damage when your arrows strike. NOW equip ressurection sig, and antidote sig, and fill the rest of you skill bar with attacks (dual shot, penetrating shot, etc.) AND AT LEAST one interrupt to stop a chain ressurection. You should see some decent numbers from the damage. BE WARNED a rangers job is not to deal massive amounts of damage in seconds, so you will not see extremes with this but your damage will apply great pressure to the other teams, and force a monk to decide to heal themselves or another party member. Ranger/necromancer THE TOUCHER!: A good build if you know it, but it comes at a price, no long will you use ranger attack skills, but the necromancer touch skills in blood magic. Basically you put points into your expertise attribute which takes .4% off of the magic cost of each attack, ranger skill, and touch skills used for every point in expertise. Then you just stack on touch skills, take a high energy off hand and wand, and watch your enemies drop to your lifestealing. This build is either hated, or loved in the arena. Interupter: Ranger/any Shocking? well as an interupter you do not need another profession as long as you olny have prophecies, now if you had factions then probably an assassin. BUT as far as I know you only have prophecies, but don't worry, aside from elite skills you have all the best interupts at you disposal. For this all I have to say is TIMING! You should have a shortbow or a recurve, most sites say recurve HOWEVER that may or may not be the case it depends on you elite skill, and if any of your bow attacks have a high arch. You should also bring a preperation that either speeds up your shooting, or the travel of your arrows, a spirit can also help but remember, EVERYONE is affected by it. PETMASTER: Ranger/warrior: Take a hammer, and bring a wolf. I personally have never used this build mainly because I believe a ranger should only use a bow, but I have seen some effective builds. ONE thing to consider however is that when you pet dies not only do you lose half of your strike force, your skills get an instant recharge time on them leaving you helpless for a short period of time. Condition spam: Ranger/mesmer Ahh you have the best campaign for this build, for the best elite for the build is in this campaign. That elite is "Incendiary arrows" which shoots at the most three arrows at your target and two foes nearby. EVERY OTHER skill in guildwars that lets you attack multiple foes with you bow stops preparations and makes condtion spread with it impossible. HOWEVER with this skill you can get three people poisoned at the same time if you use apply poison preparation. then you just bring along a bow attack that causes bleeding, and you have your degen set. The mesmer part can be used to take fragility or epidemic. ~~~~~~~~~~~ Over all it depends on what you like to play, and what you can do. My personal favorite is the interupter, but again, that one is the one that takes the most skill to play. My advice, start small with a condition spam build to get used to the concept of making a ranger build, then work towards your goal.
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Bette Bette
Rangers are a jack-of-all-trades profession, so pretty much anything can work. Ranger/Warrior: Popular in PvP as what is known as a Bunnythumper. They use a hammer and take advantage of the energy cost reduction of Expertise to make the Hammermastery skills (which are mostly energy-based, rather than adrenaline-based) to allow for more heavy spamming of skills. Ranger/Monk: Monk is always a useful secondary for a "pure" primary build (which Rangers can do well) just to have a reusable Resurrection spell (and as the most heavily armored ranged class, you'll find yourself frequently the last to die when things go wrong, making something like Rebirth a huge advantage for you to have in PvE) . You'll also sometimes see people use this combo to target their pet with Smiting spells to increase the pet damage output. Ranger/Necro: Primarily a PvP combo, with a similar concept to the BunnyThumper, but using Necro Touch skills (which are not spells, and so are affected by Expertise) instead of Hammer skills. Rangers can't hope to power a minion army, since Expertise doesn't affect the minion-focused spells, and they lose out on the energy every time something (including their minions) dies, which Soul Reaping gives. Ranger/Ele: Probably the hardest one to get to work, largely because the energy costs of Ele spells were designed with high Energy Storage in mind.WIth an organized team, dropping a Ward in with the casters would be useful (if you don't have an actual Earth Ele). I've also seen them use a Lightning Bow and Thunderclap to repeatedly knock down a target. And though expensive and easy to dispell, Ignite Arrows or Kindle Arrows combined with Mark of Rodgort is vicious. Ranger/Mesmer: This is what my primary character was. You could use Mesmer as a way to steal energy, which due to Expertise could then last a long time with bow skills. Personally, I went this way because I wanted to be able to disable key skills on 2 different targets (say Monks) at the same time, and thus needed a lot of interrupting skills. Rangers have a few, and Mesmers have a few more (though most of them only work on spells), so that gave me a lot of options. This class combo is pretty well designed to be able to bring a variety of disabling skills for any target you might choose.
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Aiah Aiah
i have a ranger/ele, i use conjure flame with kindle arrows and favorable winds, quick shot above 50% health and needling shot below 50% and dual shot as it refreshes with a zealous bow string, it works pretty well, just have to make sure you keep track of when kindle runs out because conjure flame is useless without kindle arrows
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Timothy Timothy
they main differences between them are the classes you can play as, the skills in each game, plus the quests and regions. you guys can play together in the PvP and stuff but the PvE is locked because each game has its own unique region.
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