Help me to find out the way of my Career?

Help me to find out the way of my Career? Topic: Business plan for it sales jobs
July 19, 2019 / By Felina
Question: Dear Friends,I am working in Reliance Life Insurance co. as Sales Manager from last 6 months. I feel here while working that in corporate sector there is no heart,no feeling for anyone. The seniors like Branch Managers.,Regional Managers....They only need business. Regularly they use to say "WHAT WOULD BE YOUR LOGIN FIGURE TODAY" and we always suppose to feel in severe pressure. Today after lots of hicks and kicks, i have resigned from the Job. Many other Insurance companies are offering good salary packages but i don't want to move there because if i move there then my clientage will get halted. People will use to say :Why did you leave that company and etc etc..." So guys,i value judgement and goodwill. Please send me or suggest me suitable answer that can help me to promote my career in life. I am a simple graduate and my age is 21 years. Waiting eagerly for your answers.
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Cressida Cressida | 4 days ago
At age 21, and have been promoted to sales manager, you must have something on the ball. You must have been a exceptional agent. Insurance company managers and company execs, back when I started in the business, were very family oriented. There wasn't much pressure, because the agents knew what they were supposed to, and some did. the ones who didn't washed themselves out of the business. It's common that 20% of the agents will turn in 80% of the production. I was a sales manager for several years. I told my agents that if they met their goals for the week, and had all their service work done by Monday or Tuesday, they could take the rest of the week off, if they wanted, and spend time with their families, or go fishin'. I used that as an incentive, but the real producers just kept working regardless. There is a lot of pressure these days for agents and sales managers to produce business. If an agent has a good week, he or she will get an "attaboy", or "attagirl". Then, "Now this week's over. What are your plans for next for production next week?" Only you can decide what's best for you. You must weigh all your options, compare benefits, salary, products, production quotas, if any, and last but not least...commissions and bonuses. Anytime you are an employee, your superiors will always want a certain minimal amount of production, so you, they, and the company can make money. After you gain experience, you may want to become an independent agent. You get no pressure from higher up, and nobody tells you when to go to work or to go home. It's up to you. You are in charge of your own destiny, to produce the income you need. You might want to think about going multi-line, selling auto, home, life, health, and commercial. You may check with Nationwide, State Farm, American National, Met Life, etc. Or, you may check with a local agency. They could possibly hire you, and you could do quite well. I wish you the best. Hope this has helped. God bless.
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Betsy Betsy
James has give you very good advice. I am about 10 years in the industry and I started fairly young like you have. In my experience, there is a lot of sales pressure at most Agency companies. I became independant a couple years ago and it is great, but also very difficult. There is no sales pressure and no bias. If you want to stay in this industry and want to become independent you can do it. I would suggest that you do take a position with a good salary package. Spend a couple years getting all the PRODUCT training you can get and saving as much as you can. Do lots of continuing education as well. And learn about business as much as possible. Then you will be prepared to go independent and will have a high chance of success. The downside would be changing positions one more time and starting over again. Believe me, it's difficult and not fun. But I am better off for working in a couple of different agency co's before becoming independent. Hope that helps a bit!
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