Why Does Tom Clancy H.A.W.X not Work on my Laptop?

Why Does Tom Clancy H.A.W.X not Work on my Laptop? Topic: Problem solving games for pc
July 17, 2019 / By Felicity
Question: I bought a new laptop. Very good specs HP laptop. I am sure it fits all the requirements. The only problem I know of is that my laptop is Windows 7. I have installed the game correctly (about 3 times now)!!!! and downloaded the patch 1.2 (I think or well it is the latest patch) When I start the game I takes a while and then the screen goes black and then the game does not respond....?? Any way I hope that is a good enough description of my problem? Please help me!! PS - Is there any other good fighter pilot games worth Buying accept Flight simulater and H.A.W.X Thanks very much Mitch
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Courtney Courtney | 3 days ago
Well Mitch, I've installed HAWX on my PC which has windows 7 installed in it and it runs extremely well. The reason games don't respond is never because of PC's or laptops's specs, its because of some files, which are probably missing. Try reinstalling it as administrator and run it as win XP compatible, I'm sure this will solve your problem. There is sometimes graphics issue but then it wont even give you the black screen and game won't even be installed. As for other good flight simulation games...Only HAWX, in my view is worth buying and one other game I played but it was on PS2, I don't know if any of its releases are on PC, the game was ACE COMBAT ZERO...amazing game, even more realistic graphics then HAWX, but on PS2.
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Betony Betony
not responding probebly means that your laptop isnt good enough. or windows 7 is too new and you have to run it in compatibility mode. you might have integrated video which is fine but you cant run hawx P.S. laptops are not the best gaming platform you should get a desktop for gaming
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Agnes Agnes
Most -well, almost all- laptops aren't equipped with graphic cards that compatible with modern games with advanced 3D graphics. Usually there is no option but to play it on a desktop PC.
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Timmy Timmy
actually . it is going to run those video games yet at very low determination, low specs, and at very undesirable physique fee... in case you opt to sport get a extra robust processor with a extra robust snap shots card. get a dell studio xps sixteen intel middle i7 , 1gb ati 4670, FHD exhibit screen, its approximately two times the fee of the asus you opt to purchase. i in simple terms the dell studio xps sixteen with those specs ... and im extra effective than extremely joyful with the outcomes . i paid over 2,000 even with the undeniable fact that it substitute into nicely worth it. consistently evaluate snap shots card and processor while getting a working laptop or computing device
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