Should i go forward and try to marry her?

Should i go forward and try to marry her? Topic: Case open case shut
July 21, 2019 / By Felicia
Question: Hi I saw a girl in my school and fell in love with her.But that time i didnt proposed her. After 2 years she left the school and i also moved to college. I fell in love with another one and we had this relationship for 6 years and we broke up. When i tried to find this girl she was having a relationship with another guy. And still i maintain a good relationship with this girl as a friend. Last month they had a break up. No her parents are looking for a aliance to her. So i proposed her after 12 years of love at first sight. But she rejected saying she cannot agree because she have just seen me as a friend. If i move the proposal its open shut case in the family but i dont want to pull her to marry melike that. What will i do? I didnt understand a thing you said. No. i think there is a confusion in my question. The girl i am going to marry never had a relationship with me. Her relationship is with another guy and i had another girl. We both broke up with our respective partners. The girl whom i am going to get married was my friend but i liked her from the school. When i proposed her after knowing she broke up with her partner recently she refused saying she cannot agree because she have just seen me as a friend. If i move the proposal its open shut case in the family but i don't want to pull her to marry me like that. What will i do? I hope this details will make some clarification.
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Corynn Corynn | 2 days ago
No, You must not marry her. Once a relationship is broken it can't run more even if it is re-established except H/W relationship !! Because there are problems which lead to break-up... and the most important factor is EGO.. I hope you agree , it may be on either or both side... so, how can anyone re-establish the same relation after break-up ? In case of H/W relationship, there is always a mind set up for life long relations and if both of them want to carry it long even after mistakes and blunders it continues ... as they give up the EGO though slowly with due course of time. In your case, you know better the cause which led to break-up and your inner self also knows that it is not fair to marry her that's why you put this question. Be wise and leave her, you'll find some other girl better than her !! All the Best .
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Corynn Originally Answered: Should I look forward to the future?
Hello Nothing is as bad as it seems. Your family loves you so maybe you all need to go to family counselling to work out your problems. Just download what you have written here and hand it to your doctor and they will be able to send you to a counsellor so you can talk out your problems. Talking is a good therapy. Maybe move into a boarding house where you have your own room but share all the other facilities with other people. Or move into a flat. Just look in the newspaper for people advertising for flatmates. Just concentrate on your breathing to calm down. Take deep breaths in and out and think only of the word relax. Learn better communication skills. Learn to say, 'no' to people. And to ask questions that start with how, where, when, why, who. Say to people I am listening to what you are saying and I disagree with you. If neither of you can agree just say, Well, we both agree to disagree, that's life! Here are some websites that can help: http://www.depressiondodging.com http://www.dailystrength.com http://www.whoyouwant2be.org/help/ http://www.vitalaffirmations.com http://www.essentiallifeskills.net http://stress.about.com http://www.health.com
Corynn Originally Answered: Should I look forward to the future?
hi,you are in a bit of a bind,the only 1 who can get out of it is you,i have suffered severe anxiety for 20 years and have done alot to help myself,get it help yourself,is the anxiety problem causing home problems,if not get help with it then move on,do not try to do it on your own or visa versa,best of luck

Bethney Bethney
how about not being a creep and go proposose to someone you have no relationship with? how about trying to give a damn and being in a relationship with her first and then judge if you guys are meant to be? jesus ppl nowadays :(
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Bethney Originally Answered: How can i get over him and move forward? help! ;(?
You are going through what millions across the globe go through every day. I also know exactly how you feel. You can take all of the following advice, some, or none. I went out with my girl for a year and a half and I loved her more than anything. Here's how you're going to get over this guy: The very first step and one that you can take right now will most likely shock you to the core. Step one: Delete/deactivate facebook. How can I possibly do this? I hear you cry. My social network will be gone! Trust me deactivating facebook for a couple of months was the best thing I ever did (still haven't gotten it back). No status updates from my ex. No crap from other people. No lurking my ex's photos. Gone. It opened up an entire world. I never realised how absurdly attached I was to facebook. I had to find new ways to contact people, new ways to organise events. I have met so many new people purely because I say 'sorry I don't have facebook'. It has been weird and sometimes tough living without it but I don't regret it for a second, and neither will you. It will seriously help your soul - there are few things worse than seeing your ex happy with another person of the opposite sex. Second step: Remove all traces This does not mean you must take everything that he has given you/reminds you of him and burn it in a great furnace. It means taking everything and putting it away in a box where you cannot see it. Do not have any photos of he and you within easy reach. It will only make things harder. Trust me. Get rid of it all. Look at it years later. Third step: Re-kindle lost relationships You mentioned that you shut people out when you went out with this guy. Completely and utterly normal, we are so wrapped in our relationship that we forget the mates around us. It is never too late to fix that. Talk to your friends, no, immerse yourself with your friends. They are a great way to get over a finished relationship. Fourth step: Be happy with yourself This step is so important! You must be happy with yourself again. Find a new passion, get into something strange, find new music, explore. Excellent choice to start zumba. Be content with your own company. I cannot stress the importance of being happy in your own company. Do not, I repeat DO NOT look for a rebound or sexual partner because you feel lonely. You must reflect by yourself and learn to deal with the loss with your own strength. When you come out of the tunnel (and yes it does end) you will emerge stronger and more confident than ever. If you simply shift your problems out of the way by getting with someone else it will come back and bite you hard. Fifth step: Don't listen to love songs or read emotional tumblr photos. It will make you feel utterly ****. Plain and simple. Sixth step: Write a list A list of everything you couldn't do when you had a boyfriend or Of all the shitty things he's done or Of all the freedoms you now have Him rejecting you pouring your heart out to him is his way of dealing with the breakup. Let him deal with it ok? We need to get over it too. You need to focus on yourself. Love who YOU are. Get in touch with your friends. Learn to live life for a bit without facebook, it's very different. You WILL get over this and look back and wonder how you were ever so down about it.
Bethney Originally Answered: How can i get over him and move forward? help! ;(?
You need to get back together with your friends. Shutting them out in the first place was destructive, and may have led to his behaviour as well. Nobody likes to be smothered, which is what sounds like may have happened. I know it hurts, but do your best to ignore him in any way possible right now, while you heal. You just exited a long and in-depth relationship, and your mental and emotional self needs time to recooperate. Call up your friends. Let them know what's happened, and apologize for shunning them. Then go out and do something, or chill out at home and watch movies and do facials, or whatever it is girls do these days. Joke, play and LAUGH as much as you can. Keep busy and stay with zumba. If you can, pick up more excersize. Let this guy have some time, and maybe in a couple months (or however long), you guys can revisit the time you had together, and accept that what is done is done. Cry when you need to, but laugh even more. Break-ups suck, they really truly do....But this will pass, and the pain will subside. Keep your head up, and use your support!! :)

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