Should a baby daddy's new wife come to the baby's birthday party?

Should a baby daddy's new wife come to the baby's birthday party? Topic: Did 3 of the sister wives leave
July 21, 2019 / By Fawna
Question: My sister in law is planing her son's 5th birthday party. She wants the baby's dad to be there but doesn't want his new wife to come because this woman supposedly mistreats the baby while staying with them. If she ask him not to bring his wife, he won't come to the party, and the baby will miss his dad (maybe). My sister in law's boy friend will be there. What should she do? FYI: the baby lives with his mother and stays with his father every 3 month or so for a couple of days.
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Cornelia Cornelia | 7 days ago
No. Not only no, but hell no. The new wife does not NEED to be there. She should drop daddy off and go get her hair done or something. She can say "HI" to the kid when she picks daddy up--maybe bring Junior a little gift. And Baby Daddy should know better than to drag her along. If he can't come alone, he should just stop by to drop off a gift and leave.
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Do you really think just being given a car will be good for her? If yes why not just give her a card with a voucher for one car in it? The you two can go shopping together.

Beta Beta
Just to clear things up you, your not inviting either side of your famliy becuase they don't get along. So instead your avoiding it and eventing friends I think thats perfectly fine. Am I right? Why can't you do the time capsule in your backyard or somthing? I all I can say is to lots of food. That always works for kids. For my neices birthday we invited the both sets of Grandparents, the aunts, her 2 cousins,mom, and dad of course. We ate pizza, pop (the adult), juice boxes, and cake. I think you should definitely give out treat bags. As for the photos I always like outside pictures if you can rget the lighting right. Where I live you can rent small pools very easily for birthday parties. You get a room and 2 hours in the pool. Its probably around 150 dollars which isn't that bad. EDIT: Good job witht the loot bags! You could always tie a ballon to each bag. When I was little I loved ballons.
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Agatha Agatha
Come on now....bite the bullet and think of the kid. It IS HIS birthday party right? I'm sure he'd want both his mother AND his father there, and since the father won't go if his wife can't go, you already have your answer, IMO. Look, it really is in EVERYONE's best interest for the two women to start to act like adults and get along. THEY'LL be happier, the CHILD will be happier, and so will the child's father. I realize that it ain't exactly easy to get along with some people, but it IS possible to make that relationship alot smoother than it is. BTW - You didn't exactly spell out what you meant by the word "mistreat", but if there's REAL mistreatment going on, then the mother ought to be DOING somethin' about it rather than just worrying about a party. If that child is being truly mistreated and she knowingly allows it to go on, she's just as guilty as the person mistreating him....whatever you meant by the word. This is her CHILD for christ's sake!
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Tibby Tibby
I think she should let the wife come. I don't think she would mistreat the baby in front of his mother, and even if she's crazy enough to do that, then the mom could set her straight. The wife will be in the baby's life and letting her come to the party can in some ways avoid the drama and show that everyone is being an adult in the situation. The mom's boyfriend is there, why can't the dad's wife be there?
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Rafe Rafe
Yes, I think she should invite everyone...here's why. When the baby grows up and gets married, will the other woman not be there? Or at graduation? Or at any other special event in his life? When my ex husband and I divorced, it was not an amicable one. But, we have two daughters together and they came first. I have remarried, but he has not, although he has girlfriends here and there. If I was going to throw a big party for my daughters, he would be invited...and if he has a serious girlfriend, or even just wants to bring someone, I would not have a problem with that. It's important that our daughters understand that, just because my ex and I don't love each other anymore, that we still love them very much and can act like adults about the situation. I hope he has a very happy birthday.
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Markus Markus
That is rather ignorant of the father to choose his wife over his son. Your sister in law should allow her to come, but of course its up to her to decide not you. You sister in law should be having a nice word with this b**** about mistreatment, keep a close eye on her when she's around him, or better yet don't let the son be around her at all.
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Markus Originally Answered: My child's father keep refering to me as his "baby momma" it kill me to over hear him refer to me as baby mom
Tell him!! It's just another way of saying it, and he doesn't mean it to hurt you let him know it hurts you and it's not cute. Let him know that he's a *baby daddy* now and he needs to stop messing around with his friends and act more grown up. Maybe he wanted you pregnant, who knows, but now you are a mom, and you should be more aggressive. You have a little one to take care of, if you don't like how he's acting, tell him nicely, but let him know he has to be responsible also. This isn't a *cute I'm so cool I have a kid* moment. Also, marriage is just a signed paper with witnesses. If it is something you hold close to your heart and fulfills what you believe you need while having this baby, tell him. If he loves you enough he will understand and at least put a ring on your finger even if it's not marriage yet.

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