Anyone else find that animes usually have terrible stories and characters?

Anyone else find that animes usually have terrible stories and characters? Topic: Feature writing awards won
July 21, 2019 / By Fawn
Question: My friend has been trying to convert me to becoming what is known as a 'weaboo' and it is getting kind of annoying. I don't mean to be bigoted, but his interest in it has reached the point where I am less interested in being his friend. He has shown me ten different animes; each almost identical to the other. The protagonist is always some girl with pink, green, or purple hair, has pink, green, or purple eyes, and is usually part demon or angel. She'll have some dumb name that translates to something like Serenity, and she will use a sword even though it is the future. Sure, I can admire fantasy, but this kind is just childish in my opinion. It sounds as if a ten year old wrote it, and the worst part is that every single one is the same as the other. I've always been more of a Game of Thrones type of guy, but I can still accept most genres of story writing. Anime seems to cross the line for me though. Is there any way I can boost my appreciation for such a terrible genre, or is this destined to ruin our friendship?
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Corliss Corliss | 6 days ago
The quality of a series isn't determined by the medium from which it's portrayed through, be it books, TV or animation. Anime, like every other genre, has its fair share of junk series flooding the market, but real gems do get recognition. Some of my favourite anime series are Death Note, a detective/suspense/psychological series with a central supernatural plot point that is brilliantly executed, and covers some deep themes regarding the corruption of power and the justification of vigilante justice. Another one is Black Lagoon, featuring a rather ambiguous crew of pirates set in a relatively realistic modern environment, whose "questionable activities" force you to rethink right and wrong in an environment where survival and cunning takes precedence. And then there's the cult classic Ghost in the Shell, which inspired the Wachoski brothers to make the Matrix trilogy. Set in a futuristic sci-fi universe, the actions of the protagonist explores the fundamental question of "what is life" and "what does it mean to be human" in a world where android technology and extensive human augmentation has blurred the line between organic life and machine. Or just watch Studio Ghibi's works, particularly Spirited Away, which won an Academy award, surely that is evidence enough of the quality of the animated film.
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Corliss Originally Answered: Naming characters in your stories?
OK, i'll be honest, most of the time I'm lazy and just pick a random name. If I feel like it, when I write the second draft I might find a new suitable name now that the story is complete. I don't think it's bad to name characters based on their personalities. It might seem cheesy, but as long as it isn't too far fetched I think it's a good idea, because then it is easier to introduce them to the reader. It shouldn't matter what method you use to name your characters, good writers will know what seems more suitable. Just make the names easy to remember and not ridiculously hard to remember. That's the main thing, so the readers can remember it and don't get confused. IMO, naming the character shouldn't be something to be concerned about. Not a lot of readers care what the name is. If Harry Potter's name was Martin, it wouldn't make the book any less attractive.

Bet Bet
I'm picky with television. No reality TV, sitcoms, games shows, quasi-educational crap. I like my TV like I like my books. Good writing, good story. The only anime shows I have ever followed are Death Note and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (there's two, apparently, I never watched the first one). I liked Death Note because it was fantasy (college student finds a notebook that can kill people once their names are written in it) as well as modern (characters run around with guns, try to solve these fantastical murders in a logical, realistic manner). And I got dragged into FAB (which takes place in a mid-1900's European-based society) because the characters were great. I loved the relationships between characters and how there was no romance (so many plots add it without reason). Friendship is deeper than TV. My best friend and I could never agree on what to watch. So we did something else. Ten years later, we still can't agree, and we're still friends. If your friend can't drag himself away from the screen, just give him some space. It's probably a phase and he'll get over it eventually.
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Agas Agas
a million. How long does it take so you might love a undeniable anime and/or manga series? (e.g. one or 2 episodes or 10 minutes or 2 secs) often, the 1st episode has gotta get me hooked, in any different case I abandon it. 2. What makes you unable to return decrease back to an anime series if the series would not greater healthful your tastes? I disguise someplace in my recommendations the call of the anime series. Then, if I come for the period of it, i comprehend to not watch it, in view that I made observe of it in my head. 3. What non-extensive-unfold identify anime series could desire to be known greater in lots of circumstances? Yumeiro Patissiere 4. What anime character is resembling you and in what techniques? Nadeshiko, from Shugo Chara. different than I continuously gown like a boy and attempt to persuade all and sundry that i'm a boy, instead of a woman. and that i actually love classic dancing. 5. Do you ever want which you will locate greater human beings in real life which you will talk approximately your fashionable anime and manga? Hell yeah. no person i comprehend truly is familiar with plenty approximately animes and mangas. i began a manga club in my college, and a few human beings joined. purely sufficient to make it an professional club. yet purely like 6 all and sundry is in it. Bonus: Is an anime sturdy without the artwork or the story? choose one and clarify why. Too undesirable :) I chosen the two. without artwork, there is in basic terms the story. which may well be positive, as long because it is interesting sufficient. without tale, it is all animations. it is going to be troublesome to comprehend.
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Tiberius Tiberius
Anime is like any other type of TV show genre. There is a lot of crap and a few gems that are worth watching. It sounds like the stuff he's pushing on you isn't to your taste. Anime is pretty stylized to begin with but a lot of it can be formulaic. Some series/mivies that might be worth trying: Cowboy Bebop Samurai Champloo Grave of the Fireflies Millennium Actress Ergo Proxy Kite (Life) Detroit Metal City Ghost in the Shell I found all of those to be heavily Story Driven vs Graphics driven. Good luck!
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Tiberius Originally Answered: Writing stories revolving around same characters?
If there isn't an underlying conflict in common with all the stories, if each story is self contained, then it would be a collection of short stories and not a novel or novella. You could self-publish as a collection if you want. Or write and publish one at a time. I would do the latter. Wait to publish the next one until you get 10,000 hits.

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