Where my rights violated by law? Or do I have a legit fight to pick with my employer?

Where my rights violated by law? Or do I have a legit fight to pick with my employer? Topic: How to write a receipt for money received
July 16, 2019 / By Fauna
Question: I work for a police department where we take money for impounded vehicles. We work usually one dispatcher at a time. On this specific occasion I was called into the Chiefs office on monday afternoon where I was informed that a receipt I had written for $390 on Friday only had $290. to go with it. They have told me I have 2 choices now... I can take a polygraph graph (which i am happy to do because i did not steal anything) or I can admit I took it, give it back and then resign my position. No one but me is being accused because the receipt has my Signature and they say it has never happened before. I was told I would be taken off the schedule until the polygraph is taken and passed. While he is explaining this to me a call is received that a full timer is not coming in and I am asked to stay and work. I work for the next 4 days(until thurs) and then I am taken off the schedule (9 days) and the following fri and sat i am scheduled to work 6pm to 6am... then i am not on the schedule again the whole next sun thru sun. While I was being told to confess, "everyone falls on hard times." He was reminding me how I was going to go to jail (for $100)if I fail the polygraph. (which I won't because I didn't steal) Now today is Friday and I am supposed to go in at 6p and man do I just not feel like going. My spirits are down and besides all the other stress that is normally ( or abnormally) in a persons life this is Just really weighing me down. When I first went up to his office he told me the money was missing and he was going to start a criminal investigation on me. I told him I did not take it and he said that was fine but in his position he needed to be certain. But he is not going to question or ask anyone else? Why does it take 3 weeks to schedule a poly? Oh and Yes, I did hand in $390. I know I did. I count and recount the money before I put it in the manilla brad envelope and slip it into a big grey box. I am 99.9 % positive there was 390 in there. Texas, I work for for the police department not contract. .
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Best Answers: Where my rights violated by law? Or do I have a legit fight to pick with my employer?

Coriander Coriander | 5 days ago
No...what "rights" do you mean? You have very few at work. It looks like you stole the money. Whether you did or not, that's how it looks. However, some states can not require you to take a polygraph. However, if you're innocent, take it, pass it, and move on.
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Bessy Bessy
You haven't explained whether you handed in $290 or $390. That seems to be the issue. Rather like a store clerk being $100 down in her register. What happened to the money? That's all they want to know. If you have a satisfactory explanation, fine. If not, you get labeled as dishonest which in your position appears very serious
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Afton Afton
"He was reminding me how I was going to go to jail (for $100)if I fail the polygraph." THIS statement bugs me. If he's going to charge you with theft, he should have just said so. Whether or not you would go to jail isn't the call he makes. Heck, the polygraph isn't acceptable evidence in a court of law!
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Tiarnan Tiarnan
OK, get in there, ace the polograph and get back on the schedule. Nothing in your question shows a violation of your rights.
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