Warpy thing i saw the last day?

Warpy thing i saw the last day? Topic: The sisters movie free online
July 21, 2019 / By Farley
Question: ok ive been witnessing things i dont want to witness and im not schitzophrenic im not imagining this or making this up. i know im not schitzophrenic, its pretty clear im not and you can tell from meeting people normally. ok i noticed a while ago my family at the table swaying in unison and chanting some weird words. it was crazy. i came into the room and stood there and witnessed it. it was like from a horror movie. um then one of my family members has been acting posessed and predicting things and they turn out true and one night her eyes turned black for like 30 seconds. then like 2 days ago my sister did this warpy thing, she kind of moved at the speed of light in a snake like motion and unusual dancy thing. ive never seen it and she kind of disapeared and reapeared really fast in like a different dance position. i had my eyes open the entire time of this, its like she vanished and reapeeared in a half a second, too fast to really notice it but i saw it..i tried to block it out or pretend i was crazy or something, but it was so odd. i spent all day researchiung online what it was. like like warped for half a second and moved way too fast. i came closes in finding what i need to know by finding an arcticle on a woman like 100 years ago who could make herself disapear by finding a cloud between reality and the spiritual world. i know it sounds weird and thats not what happened, but it sort of is, she like vanished and reapered many times in a row in different dance moves but it was so fast like half a second that i had to question if i really saw it and i did. and they just stood there smiling at me smirking like they knew something. my other sister was there aswell and they both smiled, like both posessed. i know you think im nuts, i wouldnt believe it either. i am trying hard to block it out and pretend i was just tired or not sure what i saw but i saw what i saw. in the end of the day i saw it theres no way to deny it. its there! there were many posession symptoms also, can demons morph or try to freak people out by changing forms or doing weird body movement it was soo odd, im not prepared to deal with stuff like this. i noticed alot of swaying,chanting and smirking. and yes ive had my head checked i dont normally just see stuff thats not there. but my sister because posessed and she started predicting things and other weird stuff was happening with her so its related to her. she influences those around her. but no before this posession thing i didnt notice the waying or chanting or any odd things and no all of the psychologists i saw said theres no way im schitzophrenic, plus other people witnessed things i saw too that i thought were weird. just my sisters wouldnt talk about what happened, they just had big smirks like they knew something was up i cant talk to them about it cause im scared and wont get the answer i need.. how do you ask a person, why did you warp? dosnt make sense. its worse then going up to an obese person and asking them why they eat too much, especially if you dont know the person its like hi um mister demon, why did you do that warpy thing the other day that scared me and made me cry? i cant do that uh anyone else with experience of weird movements or warping,slight shapeshifting type thing, odd dance, vanishing for half a second? demonic posession etc? its gotta be some satanic thing. any nonsense that happens thats kind of pointless is satanic, like a truck of 2000 free donuts pulling up infront of the house where an obese binde eating donut lover lives. like yay but uh boo the person will get more fat
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Coralie Coralie | 3 days ago
I'm sorry I've never had experience with anything like this. I see there are two things that are going on. Your family is indeed possessed and they are saving you for...I don't want to scare you but maybe a sacrifice to Satan? Or your family is involved in what I am trying to tap into. Special abilities humans possess naturally but we forget them and don't think about them because society says it's bologna. Such abilities include Telepathy, Telekinesis, and Levitation etc...if practiced in certain ways it can be an acult practice with ties to Satan but if you achieve this on your own it's you doing it but it will take a long time. I see there are two options. 1. The best option in my opinion because I'm a Christian go to a church and tell a Pastor/Reverand what is going on and ask them what they/you can do. Option 2. Run. Move out and go somewhere safe. That is what I can tell you. I am deeply sorry you have to go through this. I will pray for you
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Bess Bess
I'm not sure what the warping is called, but it's trying to show you how much power it has, it's trying to scare you and feed off you negative reaction to it, the more it scares you the more power it has over. Don't get scared get mad, this is someone you love that it's doing this to, take control of yourself and the situation, stand up and fight back. Use Micheal that's what hes there for. Visualize him coming down in all his glory and beating the pi** out of this thing, and see your sister being saved!
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