Landlord locked me out without notice?

Landlord locked me out without notice? Topic: Oklahoma papers
July 19, 2019 / By Fanni
Question: Was renting office space in oklahoma, was not able to pay rent, landlord lock me out and want let me have any of my business equipment or papers. Landlord is also holding all my mail. The business was a tax office. Landlord also want let me get anyones tax papers out.
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Cora Cora | 1 day ago
Most of the answers here are wrong. People get commercial and residential real estate laws mixed up. It is perfectly legal to lock you out. In fact, if you do not make good on what you owe the landlord gets everything inside his property. Everything is legally his. You had better lawyer up, your clients are going to be suing you BIG TIME for allowing their records to become the property of another party. You have 30 days to pay the money you owe, and that lock stays until you do.
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Cora Originally Answered: Landlord denying ever getting a 30 Day Move Out Notice from me?
Just because they state on their website that you "can tell them in person" does not mean that it is not necessary to give them proper notice, which would be in writing. The person might have said "ok" to your verbal indication of moving out. However, the person was busy doing his/her job and even if they might have taken it as proper notice, the person forgot to note it in your account, when he/she finished what he/she was doing. Unless you have been given "confirmation" that you have moved out and that they have closed your account, you can pretty much figure that the account has not been closed. Give "written" notice immediately and pay the last month. The worst that can happen is that they will first send you to collections, adding their fee to your debt and then sue you when collections fails to get payment from you. Once in court, you will have to defend yourself and you have no defense so, add court costs and interest at 10 percent until paid. A hundred bucks can quickly add up to several hundred and in 3 or 4 years, well over a thousand, maybe 2 or 3.

Bertred Bertred
Firstly, check your states laws. Search Your states name , Landlord tenant act , commercial. This should get you moving in the correct direction. Secondly , Try to pay. I know this is the obvious one. After that be nice to your landlord, you will get more flies with honey even if it's a faceless corporation. Those folks who don't care and answer the phone can still spin the situation somewhat. Fourth , Pray. They are most likely in the right as Oklahoma is pretty landlord friendly state just like mine, Arizona. You can probably get your mail. I don't know if that's the law but usually that's the first thing they give back. Lastly , negotiate. They don't want to have to sell your crap and they really don't want to be liable for all of your clients personal information. They would settle for less money on items that are more of a liabilityy or a hassle but may hold out more for the nice chairs and plasmas as they can see themselvess chilling and enjoying your stuff.
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Africa Africa
My human beings have been landlords for 40 seven yrs and that i've got been one for 30 yrs. you would be able to desire to pay your hire or talk on your landlord and paintings it out so which you don't get kick out or locked out! call your landlord and talk with him/her, do not swear or hauler on the guy the two which will in uncomplicated terms make lots worst! Are you useful there wasn't a letter some the place which you ignored from the owner, you point out company did the secretary do their interest right? Sorry yet that occurs secretary receives mail and leave out places a pair of envelopes! Ask your landlord in the event that they sent you a be conscious or not, if it have been given lost interior the mail then it ought to offer it sluggish!
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Thurston Thurston
It sounds like this is a commercial rental, not residential. Only in a residential lease is a lock-out like this illegal. If you are talking about a commercial rental, then you're stuck, and should hire a lawyer ASAP, considering the sensitivity of the information being held by your landlord. If you were doing my taxes, I would sue you to high heaven for allowing my information to be so easily available to someone else. That information should be under lock and key.
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Quinn Quinn
Actually, lockouts are only illegal on RESIDENTIAL rental property. They are perfectly legal on commercial property in most states. Oklahoma is a very "landlord friendly" state, particularly when it comes to commercial real estate. You can divert mail to your home address. You should call the Post Office about any mail that the LL is holding as federal laws govern that matter. A call from the local Postmaster will likely get your mail released. What you really need to do is consult with a local attorney, not some unknown (and largely uninformed) faces in a public forum.
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Quinn Originally Answered: Can a landlord keep my security deposit if there was NO CONTRACT involved and I gave him a 15 day notice?
No lease DOES NOT mean no rules. With no lease you are still bound by state laws. Most states DO require a 30 days notice with no lease & allow the landlord to keep the deposit when proper notice is not given. Up & moving with out notice is not the proper way to deal with repair issues. The repair issues also have nothing to do with the return or not of your deposit. There are proper procedures that must be followed to force landlords to make needed repairs. Whether or not it is a legal rental has nothing to do with your verbal agreement with the landlord or the required notice to vacate. The bottom line here is that you failed to give proper notice that IS required in most states.

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