I cant stand it anymore its killing me? Answers Please?

I cant stand it anymore its killing me? Answers Please? Topic: How to write a crush poem
July 19, 2019 / By Fancy
Question: Im 13 years old and im a girl, my teacher is 32 years old and the thing is, i really love him, i mean really love him, i know you will answer saying 'its only a crush, don't worry it will pass' ive loved him for nearly 3 years, from i was 11, when i get crushes they only last a few days or something, this is real attraction, when i first arrived at my school (i was 11) when i first saw him, i didn't know him at all but i was getting all these feelings for him, all these things where floating around my head, i didn't know what to do or what to think because i was really young i didn't know what was going on, as time went on my feelings grew stronger for him, i actually started self harming myself because of it because i wanted to cut the love out of me, i really cant handle it, i cant get over him its impossible, hes married and has a baby and it kills me, i just want to walk up to him and tell him how i feel and i want him to kiss me and give me a hug and tell me that every things going to be ok, hes always in my dreams and my dreams are off us being together and growing old together and dieing in each others arms, its killing me inside because i just cant handle these feelings anymore, hes the most beautiful person in the world, but the thing is hes a very unhappy person and im a very happy person and that why i don't know why i fell for him, id die for him, i really would and i know you might find that stupid but i really would, its driving me crazy i just want to tell him how i feel and i keep thinking that we can be together when im legal, i cant get him out of my head even if i try my hardest, i talk about him everyday and think about him every second of every day, i write poems about how i love him and have wrote on my books that i have at home that i love him, i just want to know how i feel and i want him to be happy i wouldn't be with him now because i wouldn't want him to go to jail and get in trouble and loose his family and job because when you love someone you don't want that to happen to them, what can i do, it cant stand it its killing me ?????
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Constance Constance | 10 days ago
Oh godness, you remind me SO much of myself my freshman year of high school. Trust me I thought i was IN love with this teacher, and no matter how badly you feel for him you WILL eventually get over it. Just don't make the same mistake i made. This guy was married and had a daughter, I trusted this teacher so much that i went to see him after school alone and told him straight up "I have a crush on you, but I understand we couldn't be together, mostly because it's illegal and also you have a family." He told me he was flattered but it just couldn't happen, but also trust me with this. he does NOT feel the same way, I always wondered if he liked me like i did too, but after I got my sense back I knew it was just impossible. This was the worst thing I ever did, he told me the next day that he had to call the principal just in case I "take it too seriously" just so he would not lose his job, i can tell you THAT was an embarrassing meeting. Basically what i'm saying, is don't be stupid and act out on your feelings. Once you go into next year you will without a doubt get over your teacher. Think with your brain and not with your heart. BTW, i was MUCH worse when you when i "loved" this said teacher.
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Constance Originally Answered: I can't stand my mom anymore?
Oh god, sounds awful. I was answering a post similar a few mins ago. 13 is a really hard age you know... it's when your real personality comes in and parents are often afraid of you going down the wrong route. But that's more than parents being paranoid. Don't cut yourself honey, what I would do is (because it sounds bad enough) call child line, you and your mum can get therapy. I know that sounds bad but it's not an insult. Sometimes if you just sit down with someone outside the situation and talk then things can get much better. What she's doing is a form of child abuse, in my opinion anyway. Either talk to her or get someone else to do so but don't just suffer it, hope it gets better.
Constance Originally Answered: I can't stand my mom anymore?
Well there's nothing you can do til you're old enough to move out...Unless you try to get emancipated when you're 16. I don't know what state you are in or anything, but you should look into that. Maybe ask a teacher or counselor for help. Or you can just tough it out and when you're a mom one day, never be like yours because she sounds really harsh.
Constance Originally Answered: I can't stand my mom anymore?
Geeeeees i feel for you... dont run away coz its worse out there in the world... isint there a teacher or someone you can talk to...

Bertie Bertie
honey, you just have to live with it. it will pass. think of all the weird thing about him. just dont do anything you will regret
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Bertie Originally Answered: I can't stand my mother anymore?
i understand not all of the people in the world are blessed to have a good mother...but chill honey..thats not the end of the world...u can still growup to be a successful,,happy person..whatever your mother says,,just ignore it!! dont start up a fight...DONT ARGUE its not worth wasting ur energy...u need to understand and take things slow...u can make frnds and spend quality time with them..i know how bad troubled childhoods can be..but u will definitely grow out of all that sweetie..trust me...GOOD LUCK
Bertie Originally Answered: I can't stand my mother anymore?
If your so talented, why no longer pursue what's available in the market external your confort zone? Moving away out of your firends would possibly suck to start with however fairly, attending to have extra peers is extra interesting. If they're your peers, they are going to constantly be your peers. If letting your mom understand how you believe isn't going no in which? Don't battle it, Just move with it, as a substitute of combating it, delight in the second. Your a youngster who's being push via the dad and mom to be higher and your complaining? Try reversing the complete concern, you do not wish to be running for a few ordinary jobs years from now and asking of yourself why you dad and mom by no means driven you to be higher? The reward you might have was once giving to you and molded via you dad and mom..There's many talented youngsters available in the market however by no means had an possibility to polish for possibility begins with the loved ones. Your using your self foolish for probably the most silliest matters..A reward is a reward for it was once giving and offered...you might have that possibility, experience it and the whole thing else will come. Don't battle the wave's.. Enjoy it and trip it to Sunset. Goodluck.

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