Help programing language?pls asap?

Help programing language?pls asap? Topic: Language homework
July 18, 2019 / By Faith
Question: basic principle of programming language? the system/program development process? what makes a good programming language? historical development of " " " " ?
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Best Answers: Help programing language?pls asap?

Connie Connie | 8 days ago
What programming language? = Web Search your questions. - Free Online Programming Books - http://www.techtoolblog.com/archives/195...
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are you a cracker or a programer? well, it is easy to make a visual basic program that makes an auto run on windows os, but I'm not quite sure, and what compiler did you use anyways? do you use microsoft visual studio or that c++/c invironment that has blue background on it? anyways, i wrote a code that might help you... 'The following GUID is for the ID of the typelib if this project is exposed to COM Option Strict On Option Explicit On Namespace My.Resources 'This class was auto-generated by the StronglyTypedResourceBuilder 'class via a tool like ResGen or Visual Studio. 'To add or remove a member, edit your .ResX file then rerun ResGen 'with the /str option, or rebuild your VS project. ' ' A strongly-typed resource class, for looking up localized strings, etc. ' ' Returns the cached ResourceManager instance used by this class. ' ' Overrides the current thread's CurrentUICulture property for all ' resource lookups using this strongly typed resource class. '
Connie Originally Answered: Need help for windows c/c++ programing?
sixty 4 bit can run the two 32 bit and sixty 4 bit applications sixty 4 bit helps better than 4 GB of RAM besides that they are same from the known customers point of view. surely the comparable RAM utilization and comparable load cases.

Berta Berta
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Absolutely! there is nothing like working 4 hours with a bug or programmatical task, and see it finally working! besides, programming will fill your mind with useful information and creativity, and problem solving. something i do not think gaming can do... Also, I would reccomend starting with php and then visual basic... they are easy and powerful languages and have a lot of support and learning material... use youtube!
Berta Originally Answered: Is learning programing better than gaming?
Yes it is. it's using programming that games are created. so thus by learning programming you can learn how to create games, and then are not limited to what is on the shelf at Game Stop, but instead you're limited only by your own imagination. on top of that, it's very unlikely that you'll wind up with a 6 figure salary by playing games, but by making them, you just might. :)

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