How does the check scam work?

How does the check scam work? Topic: How to write a check for cash back
July 16, 2019 / By Fairuza
Question: If someone writes me a check and I cash it and its a check scam will I get in trouble for it and have to pay the money back?
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Best Answers: How does the check scam work?

Concordia Concordia | 7 days ago
In such cases, the person who wrote the check disappears or is a stranger over the Internet. You are 100% responsible if the check is bad. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advance-fee...
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Berry Berry
You will get in trouble for it and you will be forced to pay the bank the FULL amount of the check plus any bounced check fees. Read the non-profit FraudAid site about this http://www.fraudaid.com/check_liability.... "You cannot rely on your bank, credit union, PostBank, or check cashing store to protect you from counterfeit, stolen, or forged drafts. It's not their job to watch out for you, it is your job to watch out for them. Like you, merchants, banks, and credit unions have the rightful expectation of being given good money. BY LAW YOU ARE LEGALLY RESPONSIBLE AND FULLY LIABLE for any and all checks or money orders deposited into your bank account by you or someone else, and for any funds wired into ANY of your accounts by you or someone else. Your are 100% liable for any and all funds deposited into any of your accounts by any means whatsoever." 100% liable means you are responsible for paying the bank the full amount of the check. When you endorse the check, you are signing a contract with the bank that the check is good. If it bounces you still owe the bank the full amount of the check you deposited or cashed You can also be arrested for bank fraud and counterfeiting as this man and thousands of other people find out every year falling victim to these scams http://articles.sfgate.com/2006-08-30/bu... In addition your bank account will be closed and you will be put into CHEX System which will prevent you from opening any new bank account, credit card or taking out any sort of loan for the next 5 years This is why you NEVER cash or deposit checks from anyone you don't know, and certainly not from anyone who wants you to deposit a check then wire money to another person. This will add money laundering and tax evasion charges to the criminal charges and you are going to jail for this
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