I'm writing a teen novel easy ten points?

I'm writing a teen novel easy ten points? Topic: Lesson writing a paragraph
July 19, 2019 / By Evette
Question: Being famous is fabulous. Special treatment, exclusive parties and freebies. But what happens when Kayla Westcott’s life comes crashing to an end when her parents decide she should start living like a normal child? Kayla must say goodbye to the fabulous life of modeling until she learns her lesson. So Kayla packs her Louis Vuitton suitcases and is off to California to go to an ultra-exclusive private school. Of course she’s bringing her 3 BFFs, she can’t live without them. When Kayla and her “crew” becomes the “it” girls of their school drama will attack and Kayla isn’t really a “people’s person” so how will she survive? But giving up isn’t an option, it would ruin her calm, cool image and that is not an option either. PLEASE WRITE A PARAGRAPH OR SENTENCE OF HOW I SHOULD START IT! NO HATE COMMENTS: The real message is like that famous people are people like us and SHOULDN'T get the easy way out just cause they have money and etc...
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Colleen Colleen | 3 days ago
It sounds too cliche. It's sort of like the book, "My Life As A Hollywood Actress", or something like that. I can't remember the title at the moment. And don't make her the "it" girl. Make her the un-it girl. The bullied one. Like you said, just cause your famous doesn't give you the easy way out, right?
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Colleen Originally Answered: I'm writing a teen novel, easy 10 points?
umm 'm not the best writer but you can start offf with something like it was the worst day of my life. My perfect life had fallen to pieces. Not only did i have to move and attend a new school, the one person i had always counted on,(her boyfriend) abandons me when i most need him. How could all this happen so fast?It started out like a normal day....
Colleen Originally Answered: I'm writing a teen novel, easy 10 points?
[idk its in first person more as... but its just an idea. mostly considering that this girl is preppy ect...] What's was the worst time of my life? It would definately be 2:36 June second. Why? Because thats when i got the text from my sister that Mom and Dad were talking about my education again and they had decided to move back to Cali. I mean she couldve been lying, no, i hoped she was lying. I was just starting my shoot for the [big magazine idk] magazine and i had a date with Kyle be bf just after work. How could there possibly be a worse time? And how would i possibly live with out my three best friends, Macie, Anna, and Megan? I should curse the person that made text. No, the person who created parents that think education is better than my life! Thats where my story begins. the crumby begining of Kayla Westcott
Colleen Originally Answered: I'm writing a teen novel, easy 10 points?
I think your story would be pretty good. My opinion. I think it would be different if she were at the mall buying new clothes for her "photo shoot" and when she gets to the counter and credit card is declined and she calls her parents complaining, and they tell her the "bad news" so she throws everything on the ground and runs outside the store only to see her boyfriend making out with some random chick. He says he was going to dump her anyway. So when she starts living life like a normal girl would, (from what you mentioned) "running the school" Then you could take it from there. Hope you like my idea I dont know I tried aha :]
Colleen Originally Answered: I'm writing a teen novel, easy 10 points?
Okay, I answered your ? before . . . I think that you are off to a great start yourself . . . It sounds good, can I read it when you come up with the whole thing?

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Is this a short story, or an essay? Funny, spooky, poignant, other? Use your first sentence to set the tone, for example: Spooky: Fog rose over the moor, curling around the standing stones, and I found myself looking over my shoulder. Poignant: Looking out over Paris, I wondered if I could pick out the glow of his apartment window. Funny: I tried to step into the gondola, but somehow missed and ended up in the stinky canal water.
Colleen Originally Answered: IMMEDIATE WRITING HELP NEEDED! EASY POINTS! please?
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