Im writing a childrens story for my english class?

Im writing a childrens story for my english class? Topic: How to write a once upon a time story
July 19, 2019 / By Everette
Question: I need a spell that a witch would put on an evil princess to turn her into a rat?? Once upon a time in a place far far away there was an evil princess named Eve. She lived in a huge castle with her mother and father. Eve was mean to everyone. Eve started every day the same. She woke up and started screaming for her maids to do things for her. She wanted breakfast in bed, her clothes laid out, and her bath ready as soon as her eyes opened. One day Eve decides to go to the store. She was walking through the isle and bumped into an old lady. Eve, being the evil princess she was, said, “Excuse you, dumb blind bat!” “Watch where you’re going next time.” The poor old lady didn’t know what to say. She just quickly walked away. Little did Eve know the old lady was a very powerful witch, named Fay. Fay had heard of the evil princess but she had never met her. Fay was very insulted by the way Eve acted. Fay knew what she had to do to teach evil Eve a lesson. As soon as Fay got home she started working on a spell that would turn the evil Eve into a rat. Fay thought a rat would be perfect because that’s how she treated people and now everyone would see her that way. Now, all Fay had to do was wait on the next full moon at midnight. Fay waited and waited. Finally, it was time. ....... this is what i have so far.... any suggestions??? Feel free to help (; i could also use some help with the ending... Thanks
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Colette Colette | 1 day ago
"I will put a stop to her" Said Fay excitedly. As she ran to the castle as swiftly as cheetahs she crept into Eves room and began channeling her powers "Your beautiful but mean I'll make everyone turn green When they catch a sight they'll get a fright of a grey mouse - to be queen" Suddenly as Eve woke up she felt smaller as she yelled "HELLO?" to her fellow family all they heard was "squeak"
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Colette Originally Answered: I need writing ideas for a childrens story? Main plot?
It sounds like your trying to write a bit of a fairy tale about a princess. Fairy tales always have good and evil (but not too evil) and the end is always happy, conclusive, back to the way it used to be and most importantly good triumphs over evil. However you could just write general stories about the princess about day to day life, or visits to other countries, dinner parties (depends on how old your princess is). To be honest I would find it difficult to write a princess fairy tale without sounding like a cliched disney movie so I would opt to write about a princess and her travels to other countries. Perhaps as this is for french you could have her travelling over different regions of france and experiencing various cultural things.

Berenice Berenice
The Children's Book is a wonderful sprawling novel that takes readers from the pastoral innocence of children to the deep dismay and destruction of war. It tells the story of a number of families in Britain from the end of the Victorian era through to the first world war and encompasses the yearnings of youth for lives outside that previously dictated by class and gender. It's not a novel of love, it's a novel of change and through that change, love is lost and found. Characters are beautifully rendered and the reader weeps when so many promising lives are squandered in the killing fields of the war. It's an elegy to art, to involvement and to family. s
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Adrianne Adrianne
Finally it was time and she went out to find Eve.....She went into her room and silently whispered the spell she had worked on. "______________________." Slowly Eve turned into who she really was. From there on no one was ever tormented by the evil Eve. Spell: Here lies the evil brat It's time she tastes her midnight snack Make her get eaten by a cat Make this evil princess become an ugly rat! :D
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Thadeus Thadeus
your brilliant you end this story as it totally grill as a spell use crazy potions and adding toad tails and blood of bat the witches took turn to make the witch a potion which she hid
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Thadeus Originally Answered: Help with writing a speech for English class.:)?
Another, perhaps more familiar, way of expressing the same sentiment is yet another quote expressing the same sentiment - 'Cometh the hour, cometh the man'. Your quote and mine seem to be a synthesising of similar expressions from such diverse sources as John 4:23 and Sir Walter Scott's 'Guy Mannering'. As for who you could write about - this expression has been used about Winston Churchill's wartime career; before and after WW2 he was not liked politically, but during it was seen as GB's saviour. You could mention Apollo 13 - when Lovell, Swigert and Haise would have died in space had it not been for for a great deal of skill, ingenuity and even bravery from a lot of people, especially the crew themselves. In a more conventional approach, you could research those awarded the Congressional Medal Of Honor/Victoria Cross (depending where you are). Both of these awards are virtually impossible to to win, if that is the right word, and have to involve such massive willingness to self sacrifice that those taking part would have no normal expectation of survival. More specifically relating to your question, you could research those whose character was such that until the event which made them known, they would have gone unnoticed in ordinary life. Such people who responded to an instance of monumental crisis in a way which drew upon their sense of fellow feeling for those around them that they could not stand by and let the bad thing happen. This kind of stance can be in response to physical threat, overriding moral outrage, or anything else which generates an unexpected reponse which can be characterised as 'heroic' in any of the senses of the word. I hope that's enough to start you thinking. Now go and look, and good luck.

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