I need help with my Pokemon team?

I need help with my Pokemon team? Topic: Planning for worst case scenario game
July 15, 2019 / By Evelyne
Question: I just started my Pokemon Fire Red game over and needed help choosing my team. So, this is my plan so far... 1. Venusaur 2. Arcanine 3. Dragonite 4. Jolteon 5. Lapras 6. ??? I don't know What should my 6th pokemon be? Also what do you think of my team? I NEED AN EXPERT! Also need move sets! Any pokemon that I should swap for a different pokemon?
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Colene Colene | 10 days ago
Your team so far is pretty set. I would recommend getting either a Psychic or Fighting type, as those are the two main types that are excluded from your group. I would recommend Mankey or Xatu. Now, regarding moves... It's best if Laparas has both Water and Ice moves; that should cover it in terms of weaknesses. Dragonite should be a "worst-case scenario" pokemon; he has four powerful moves in case something does down. I recommend a Fire, Ice, Electric, and Flying move. You choice on the actual move. Since he's a dragon, very little hurts him. All the other pokemon's effectiveness won't really be changed with new moves.
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Colene Originally Answered: Pokémon: Would this be the best In-Game Pokémon Team + Move-Sets W/ Items for Pokémon Omega Ruby?
You are really not a fan of support moves, are you? Anyway, in game, that shouldn't be a problem. Your movesets look fine except for a few adjustments (see below), and your Hold items seem okay as well. The largest issue with this team seems to be the inclusion of two Mega Stones. This may be an issue, as you can only have one Mega-Evolved Pokemon per battle. Thus, I would pick one Pokemon or the other to Mega Evolve. BLAZIKEN: Looks good, and I like the Wide Lens to help protect against Hi Jump Kick and Blaze Kick missing. Just be careful, Blaze Kick will sometimes not earn a KO that Flare Blitz otherwise would. MIGHTYENA: Also fine. GARDEVOIR: The moves look fine, and assuming your Beldum is an event Beldum and thus you already have the Metagrossite, I would give Gardevoir either a Sitrus Berry, a Lum Berry, or Wise Glasses (if you have them) for the hold item. TROPIUS: Swords Dance really doesn't help you here, as you only have one physical attack. Steel Wing also won't be hitting much of consequence with Tropius' low Attack stat. Instead, try this out: TROPIUS (hold Miracle Seed) Ability: Chlorophyll/Harvest - Leaf Storm - Air Slash - Energy Ball - Synthesis I know you're not a fan of status moves, but Synthesis does provide a rather reliable source of healing, which is always useful. Leaf Storm and Energy Ball may look odd together, but they do provide an interesting combination - Leaf Storm provides a burst of power, while Energy Ball gives consistent damage. In addition, both Leaf Storm and Energy Ball benefit from the Miracle Seed boost. If you can find a Tropius with its Hidden Ability (Harvest) consider using a Sitrus Berry instead, as Harvest gives the berry a 50% chance of regenerating each turn after use, and that number rises to 100% in the sun. WALREIN: Fine. METAGROSS: Since you have the Metagrossite, we can use this Pokemon as your primary attacker. Hold Back really doesn't add anything to the set; if you're trying to use it as a Pokemon catching tool, False Swipe is just as good, you get the TM early on (the PokeMart in Rustboro City, I believe), and can be slapped on a number of Pokemon that you can keep in your Box. Instead, try this on for size: METAGROSS (hold Metagrossite) Ability: Clear Body (Tough Claws after Mega Evolution) - Meteor Mash - Earthquake - Zen Headbutt - Hammer Arm Meteor Mash and Earthquake are classic attacking combo. I've never been crazy about Zen Headbutt, but it does earn STAB and the boost from Tough Claws. Hammer Arm provides useful coverage against Dark and Normal types, and also gains the Tough Claws boost.

Benjamina Benjamina
As for pokemon, I would go for something that a has a decent amount of HP, wether it be fighting type or even darkness. Say, probably rhydon, tyranitar, or golem. Make sure it is one who can take more than a few hits. In terms of moves, you want to have at LEAST one move that handicaps the enemy, making them frozen, paralyzed, or asleep. That is where you then hit it with the high-power attacks when it cannot defend as well. I hope this has helped!
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Adriannah Adriannah
you gotta grass, fire, dragon, lightning, and water types. Look for a Pkmn that's type can beat most, and stuff... You may want a ghost, physic, water, rock or iron type. I would recommend Tyrannitar if you have access to it, its a very strong Pokemon. Look for Pokemon with two types. A good ghost would be : Gastly's final evolve (if u can or 2nd evolve), Phsysic : Alakazam, Rock : Tyrannitar ( i think), and iron not 100% sure and any ice type, if u want.
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Thaddeus Thaddeus
Get a psychic type. I recommend Alakazam or Hypno. Also you could get a ghost type, in which case I recommend Gengar. Its nice to have a pokemon that knows psychic, hypnosis, and dream eater. Hope this helps!
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Thaddeus Originally Answered: Please help with my pokemon team?
Looking at your team, I'd say you have a few overlapping pokemon types. Let's remove the stinkers and see what's left. Arcanine and Feraligatr are fine if you don't play competitively, but there are better pokemon out there--why not try an Infernape or a Gyarados? Weavile is good, and so is Lucario. However, if you use Lucario then Gallade would not be useful, since you would have 2 fighting types (or 3 if you choose to use Infernape). Gallade is also a little too slow without a choice scarf. Espeon is a decent pokemon, but I imagine you'd be happier with an Alakazam. Why not pick one up and give it a try? Articuno, despite its status as a legendary bird, is garbage. Too slow, an enormous weakness to rock, and lacking any sort of respectable offense, Articuno has little place on a decent team. In your case, he also overlaps with Weavile. So what should you do? Try replacing Articuno with Rhyperior. While Rhyperior has two glaring 4x weaknesses, his "Solid Rock" ability helps mitigate them. Try this team: Arcanine: Flare Blitz, extremespeed, Thunderfang, Toxic. Feraligatr: Dragon Dance, Waterfall, Earthquake, Ice Punch Weavile: Ice Punch, Pursuit, Brick Break, Ice shard (kill those dragons!) Lucario: Close Combat, Extremespeed, Crunch/Swordsdance, Stone edge/ice punch Espeon: Psychic, Signalbeam, Wish/reflect/lightscreen, calm mind Rhyperior: Earthquake, Stone Edge, Aqua Tail, Substitute/swords dance/Megahorn

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