How would you solve this? plz help?

How would you solve this? plz help? Topic: Problem solving homework
June 26, 2019 / By Euna
Question: all i need to kno is how to solve this two problems and i can do the rest of my homework thanks! Solving by Elimination: 4x-6y=-26 -2x+3y=13 3x+2y=6 3x+3=y
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Best Answers: How would you solve this? plz help?

Cleo Cleo | 2 days ago
To solve the first one, divide each part of the first equation by two, so 2x-3y=-13; since -2x+3y = 13, adding the two equations gives 0x+0y=0. No help. Try substitution. From the first equation, 4x = 6y-26; x = 1.5y - 6.5 substitute into the second equation -2(1.5y-6.5) + 3y = 13; -3y +13 + 3y = 13; 13=13. Still no help. Both equations are equivalent; the line that represents them is the solution. Problem two: Subtract equation 2 from equation 1. 3x-3x+2y-3 = 6 - y 2y-3 = 6-y 3y = 9 y = 3 3x+6=6 x=0 checking 3x+3=y=3 3x=0 x=0
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Belinda Belinda
1)4x-6y=-26 dividing by 2 2x-3y= -13 equation 1 and 2 for the first problem represents the same line.. for the second problem y= (6-3x)/2 3x+3=(6-3x)/2 x=0 and hence y = 3
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Adrea Adrea
one million. remedy for between the variables. that's least complicated to apply the 2d equation. So in the 2d equation upload y to the two factors and additionally you get x=4+y 2. Then, replace that throughout for the x in equation1 to get 3(4+y)+2y=12 3. Distribute the three to get 12+3y+2y=12 4. Subtract 12 from the two factors to get 3y+2y=0.5. upload y's mutually to get 5y=0 6. Divide via 5 and y=0 7. Plug y=0 into the 2d equation and additionally you get x=4 So, you have been stunning! x=4 and y=0
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Terance Terance
4x-6y=-26 ---> divide by -2 -2x+3y=13 -2x+3y=13 -----------> -2x+3y=13 Both equations are the same!!! 3x+2y=6 ------------------->1 3x+3=y ----> 3x-y = -3 ------->2 subtracting (1 - 2) will give y.. use it in one of the equation to get x. Hope this helps
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Pierce Pierce
4x-6y= -26 -4x+6y= 26 0=0 there are many solutions in this equation. 3x+2(3x+3)=6 3x+6x+6=6 9x=0 x=0 y=3
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