So so stressed that I might be pregnant?

So so stressed that I might be pregnant? Topic: Case stress test
June 20, 2019 / By Eugenia
Question: I'm in my 20's and me and partner did something silly and now i can't stop worrying I can't sleep cause I'm so stressed I just need someone to talk to about it! Basically we had unprotected sex but not full unprotected half way through we stop and he put a condom on so he didn't *** in me, it's been 7 days since I feel like my breast are sore but I also feel like this could be in my head as i no its one of the early signs! I'm due my period in six days time but I just can't stop the worrying! Has someone else been in a situation like this or has any advice for me? Thanks
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Clementine Clementine | 1 day ago
if you're that close to you're period you're breasts could be getting sore because of the hormone changes from a period, not pregnancy. However, you need to calm down, stress can cause you to skip your period and give you the false "feeling" you're pregnant. You can get pregnant even if he did put a condom on half way through, If you are on any kind of birth control it may help you from getting pregnant. I doubt you are pregnant, but just in case, if you do miss your period, see a doctor right away, they can give you a more accurate test than a wal mart buy can. You're probably ok. Just calm down and be more careful ;)
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Bekki Bekki
Hello darling. I have been in situations like this. Actually i am kind of in a situation like it right now! You seem to worry a lot just like i do! The only thing we should be worrying about is pre *** and there have been many, many tests showing that men do NOT have any *** inside of precum or if they do it is very, very low amounts and most of the time, inactive. Lets say there is the very low amount in side of the precum, that still wouldn't really be enough to get you pregnant due to the acidic region of the vagina. Don't worry darling, you aren't pregnant. You are just stressing majorly and stress could lead to a late period and we don't want that!
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Adolpha Adolpha
I dont want to worry you anymore but chances are high if you were in the middle of your period. My friend is exactly in the same situation with same time frames and is worrying as hell. The symptoms do show this early for many and for my friend she has also gained some weight in the last 7 days. i would suggest you try and remain busy and avoid thinking about the symptoms, which in all probability can get to your head. Its afterall not the end of world...cheer up :)
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Terah Terah
It seems like it would be about the time for you to experience PMS. A week before your period. Also, it is fairly early to experience symptoms. It is possible, of course, because you are having unprotected sex. Also, the chances are more slim since he didn't fully sperm inside of u.
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Phoenix Phoenix
I agree you should Keep yourself busy. Cause you just stressing yourself and that can cause your period to delay as well!
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Phoenix Originally Answered: I get stressed so easily and I always get a headache when I'm stressed and I have NOTHING to be stressed about?
A deficiency in magnesium and chromium causes anxiety. A deficiency in iron, folic acid, and vitamin B12 causes headaches. If I were you, I'd get your nutrient levels checked up for these nutrients in particular. the nurse will take a blood test to see if you are low in any of them. Eat healthy and take vitamins supplements for the nutrients that you are low in. also, eat chicken whenever you have a bad day, because chicken has tryptophan in it (tryptophan helps serotonin, which helps you to relax and de-stress)... Nutrition really effects our mind, mood, stress, emotions, etc..!!

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