How did u earn money?

How did u earn money? Topic: High school homework tips for teens
July 19, 2019 / By Ethna
Question: How did u earned / get money when u were teenager ? I find hard to earn money ,because my family isnt very rich ,so i would appreciate any tips and advices. Thanks for the answers!
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Claudie Claudie | 7 days ago
In high school... My first job I worked at the local grocery store. I was 16 years old to 17 years old. Then I quit. Didn't work for like 6 months and started working my senior year in the mornings. I worked at a donut shop all week and on Sundays also. I found it easier to work before school rather than after so that I could focus on homework and having fun with games or TV after school while every other teen was working lol But you could babysit as well. I didn't know many other kids so I never babysat other than my own siblings.
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Claudie Originally Answered: How to Earn money online from india tell me the Easy way and How to collect money For minimum Transfer Fee?
I would recommend talking to a career counselor before you move to India. They know about all kinds of jobs and finances that correspond with specific locations. You could follow the link in the above answer, but nothing on the internet is proven to be up to date and legitimate. Most of us on yahoo are not this intelligent, and therefore a professional would probably be the best help you can get right now. Have fun in India!

Becka Becka
I;m still a teenager, but i hope my answer helps. What I did was chores, garage sales, volunteering for the community, and school.
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Becka Originally Answered: How can I earn money? Please help me?
When it comes to finding ways to earn money, consider a Denver (Colorado, USA) woman that lost her upper management job. She started a simple business picking up dog droppings that led to earnings of over $75,000 a year, working outside, setting her own hours, and could be done using a bicycle as transportation. It is also something a child age 10 and up can do alone, an adult can do, or a whole family can do together. This article describes how. http://waits4u.com/WorkingInABadEconomy In this economy, you need to think outside box. Companies are refusing to take applications from the unemployed resulting in many giving up. http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/lookout/job-listings-unemployed-not-apply-133143362.html http://finance.yahoo.com/career-work/article/109471/meet-the-unemployable-man?mod=career-work http://www.usnews.com/articles/business/careers/2009/07/22/states-where-the-unemployed-are-giving-up.html ♂♀
Becka Originally Answered: How can I earn money? Please help me?
- Deliver newspapers. - Sell Ice Cream - Sell something homemade (cookies, cakes, paintings) - Do chores for old people (groceries or vacuuming) - Become someone's tutor (math, science, reading, spelling) - If you have a particular hobby such as painting, dancing, jewelery making or photography, you can start taking hobby classes for the same. Or alternately, you can sell your drawings or jewelery or photographs in exhibitions. - Household chores. - Iron clothes. - Ask all my neighbors if they needed any hired help for odd jobs. - Pet sitter/Doggy walking. - Wash cars. hope these ideas will help!

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