Does he like me?

Does he like me? Topic: How to write a good paragraph 3rd grade
July 21, 2019 / By Ethel
Question: i’ve known him for a year. i have been told that i am a very beautiful girl so it’s not surprising that other people look at me. if they do, they usually stare at me for 3 days at max. he’s been staring at me everyday since 7th grade (i’m in 8th now). My friend told him the i liked him via snapchat and out of embarrassment and panic i wrote a whole paragraph saying that i used to have a crush on him but i don’t anymore. What he said back was an absolute jerk move and he wasn’t so inconsiderate of my feelings. but everyday since then, i’ve been getting more stares from him. i don’t know if he knows that what i said to him was just a way that i could escape the spotlight or whatever or he likes me back but is too shy to say it. i have been starting at him back because he is a really cute dude (he literally looks like justin bieber in 2010 with blonde hair and blue eyes). it has been really weird between us since the start of 7th grade and i just really want an idea on how he feels.
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