Is it normal to have to?

Is it normal to have to? Topic: Work study cover letter
July 21, 2019 / By Ernestine
Question: Work on being happy? I mean I usually just sit on the couch all day because I feel so depressed and don't have the desire to do anything. Please don't say meds because I have already tried that. I just want to know if I am just supposed to be happy or if there are things I should be doing to help myself. I am also really nervous. I would really appreciate any suggestions because I am feeling desperate.
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Clara Clara | 3 days ago
yes, i t really is. its not something most people discuss, but life isnt easy; happiness doenst just fall into our laps much of the time. telling you to be thankful for stuff is annoying, and insulting, so id never do that, but i can suggest a few things which have worked for me... have you tried natural supplements, instead of medication? ive suffered from depression since i was 13, and taking a god B vitamins every day has helped me enormously. its also been proven to be as good as SSRIs (like prozac) in some people- and its totally natural. b vitamins are often low in people who are depressed- taking it wont harm you in any way, and it will probably help you. there are also herbs you can take (and about 60% of prescription meds are based on plant compounds, so its not as weird as you thnk- heart medicine from foxgloves, asprin from willow trees, breast cancer meds from yew etc). not everyone has an easy time, or feels natrually happy al day long. dont give your self a hard time. depression also leads to really low energy levels, so its harder to physically do anything anyway. the b est thing i personally found for depression was b vitamins, and exercise. exercise releases endorphins to your brain- happy chemicals- so it really works too. i know its the last thing you want to do, but its there if you feel like trying it. even a brisk walk, which raises your heartrate, will work. also, trying new exercises/sports might help. i LOATHED sport at school, but taight myself to swim a while ago, and im now an REALLY fast swimmer. punching the water really took out a lot of my stress. i also tried fencing- sword fighting, which is amazing. yoga is really calming if youre feeling anxious, and def makes one feel calmer generally, if done every day. you can do it at home, but really go toa few classes before you do that, so someone can correct you, and make sure youre doing it right. the last thing- watch some good comedy. laughter also helps combat depression. there are two sorts of depression- one- becuase youre having a bad time, and feel depressed by it. two- because your brain chemistry is off, and you dont have enought happy chemicals wandering about in your head. taking b vits etc will help sort out both. if youve got the frst type, it wont cure the problem, but it will leave you better able to deal with it. make sure you get a decent type of vitamins- not cheapo stuff- i buy solgar only. google b vitamins depresion and see how much stuff comes up- there have been loads of studies into it. its a good, natural thing to take. http://depression.about.com/cs/diet/a/vi... another good thing to take is omega oild- essential fatty acids- they also help the brain function properly. im vegitarian so i dont take cod liver oil, but a mix of flax seed, evening promrose oil etc- plus its SUPER good for my skin,a nd helps my PMS go away ;D http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles... stuff on herbs for depression- http://www.livestrong.com/article/115874... endorphns from exercise for depression- http://mentalhealth.about.com/od/depression/a/howexercise.htm but dont worry. its normal to feel depressed. its horrible, bt normal. lots of people cover it up by pretending to be fine; in fact, ofte when im really depressed i overact being happy, which is the way someone knows im not coping inside... but if youd just met me, youd think i was superfine.... everyone has stuff they dont want to share with the world, and depression is the most common one. and yeah- as the above answer says, kind of...getting outside and getting a dose of sunlight will really help you too; sunlight combats depression! yoga for depression- http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/07/06/6-yoga-poses-for-depressi_n_890836. htmlhttp://www.health.harvard.edu/newsletters/Harvard_Mental_Health_Letter/2009/April/Yoga-for-anxiety-and-depression http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/healthnews/7956508/Yoga-protects-the-brain-from-depression.html none of these thngs will cost much money, and NONE will harm you. ive never taken prescripton meds as i think they mess people up. id also say that being able to choose what you take helps too, as it makes you feel more in control. i like the fact that my EFA oild combat depression, make my skin and hair bright, and make my period pain go away. but a DR? theyd give me prozac and strong pain killers and the pill- all of which are bad for you. this stuff is cheap, easy and natural- its good for you. ;D
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Barb Barb
not really try going outside the fresh air and sunshine will help you...... the vitamin D from the sun will help your depression exercising also helps if you are depressed watch your sweet/sugar intake also
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