What VIRTUE do you gain by the action of FORGIVENESS? How by this grace, do you FREE yourself?

What VIRTUE do you gain by the action of FORGIVENESS? How by this grace, do you FREE yourself? Topic: How to write a poem in spanish about yourself
July 19, 2019 / By Erma
Question: Of something you NEED to FREE yourself?-, by which you'd further have a chance toward ENLIGHTENMENT? As addition : Are you someone - (and I mention NO ONE in particular) above the REST of ALL of us, (MYSELF INCLUDED!) who may in turmoil, acknowledged OR NOT, - THAT, We are all in the very same, possibly SINKING Titan in the ATLANTIC? (MUCH-BETTER-THAN-YOURS-BOAT - "UNSINKABLE", called (still) The TITANIC??? Come on, courageous ones, would you offer answer to this question, I POST??? With Much more appreciation, Waiting for your BRAVER answers, than SOME of YOU know , OR as of yet - NOT - EXPLORED of yourselves, toward your betterment.! So...Thank you very much! No thumbs down from me... it takes an awful lot from me to surrender to pettiness! And YOU, "AVIN" do not EVER THINK I am not aware of you!!! Love! G. You BOTH are angels! Congratulations be yours, FORTHCOMING!!! Thank you for your favour, Grecia. i have more to say, but... I will do SAY tomorrow, my loves! A clue : "es que sean convertidos", ALL of You my friends BELOVED - (plural!) "en algo de mi Alma"...and that is said for (((ALL))) of you! Estoy COMPRENDIDA????? I hope so! YOURS TRULY, GRECIA. Anther clue: "Alma" is Spanish for SOUL!!! YOU ALL need no clues, my beloved, MY FRIENDS and, May no one put asunder... and of that miraculous QUICKENING in all our Hearts/brains, - I trust you have understood! So Very Sincerely, and signed With MY OWN BLOOD NEEDED, BE...I shall! My very loves, My friends, I will return upon the morrow! Will you forget me NOT??? And if being forgotten is to be what I deserve..that is what I WILL accept. Yours, oh so truly... Grecia My sweet. so ever precious "AVIN" may I know your name - the name your parents gave you? If it is not to be said to the whole of the forum - will you tell me by e-mail?For I have taken your edited poem to my ear, my very dear..So much, very small and great do touch me..And I can not deny WHAT touches me.Please..be free to tell me about your self, your daughters, your life..EVERYTHING you'd trust to share with me; a Stranger from a while ago; the tropics. You see, I am in love with LIFE, for BETTER or FOR WORSE..It must THAT been, a Determination, I'd sworn, from the day of my birth! Those who do not know me, dear one - those who have doubted my good intentions - have fallen behind me, on their own. I had, nor ever wanted to abandon them - they made THAT choice. I am, but a speck of Life, best appraised of insignificance, in the GREATEST scheme of ALL..but I, do not mind, for I know that I do not, shall not mean a thing, if I do not understand what I must be, while I'm Alive! Greci! I..Must NEVER be Blind again..that is, UNAWARE, for I am NOT full of stamina. I hear good friends, tell me, that I should conserve ENERGY... but you see, as you KNOW, that life is SO short, because we fail for most, to try to understand it. I stay awake 'till the most ridiculous hours of every day...because I feel, NOT that I owe it to my self, but because SOME THING tells me, (And I will put stars around this), DESERVES it! And of course, What am I to do ??? I can only intuit - that WHAT "THAT" is, must be making its' presence be known. So, if I should go tomorrow night with my brother in his plane. and should not reach "home" - It all will be what had been decided. I do not challenge THAT - instead I'll know some thing with the wisdom it MUST have For whatever its' Reason, has decided for "US" I have liked, loved so many of you...even when you have NOT known it. AND I STILL LOVE YOU NOW!!!!! Yours, truly, Grecia. What a lovely poem, What a Lovely poem, What a LOVELY poem... My dear Avin! I will search for this, you've written in black characters, instead of blue...for you see, my sweet dear, I am a Luddite as my maven of technology a brother, he is (RIGHTFULLY) calls me. Thank you. With such tenderness as you have given me..I may be able to sleep, a few hours, at least? Sincerely, Grecia, I am.
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Clairene Clairene | 2 days ago
ello G What VIRTUE do you gain= kindness,compassion,respect,honesty to name but a few, to let the deeds of others corrupt your thought and wear you down just isn't worth the time or energy, just do whatever needs to be done and move on,after all there the ones who have to live with themselves,life has its own way of dealing with wronguns edit gone but not forgotten I see you in the treetops As summer comes to be In shadows, you do linger A soul so young and free. I see you in the garden Your scent does fill the air Just like a precious flower A rose, so ever fair. :) EDIT ello Greci i will do that, as there are somethings i do not wish to share with the whole forum, but for ears only, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UlMWAl7tI... a tune for you your friend dave edit i have just woken,im sorry about the link for some reason i am unable to post them blue,i will have to try and work out why, i hope you enjoy :)
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Clairene Originally Answered: How to write a paper on forgiveness?
Do you believe you could and should forgive someone for killing a family member? For rape? For wide-scale massacre? Just something to think about. I'd like to try and give you some thoughts, but it would be easier if I knew exactly what your thoughts were. I'm not sure what your teacher is looking for... If you are encouraged to write in first person and make it really personal, maybe you could work in a story from your life where you forgave someone, or where someone forgave you, and how that affected things? In order for you to decide how you want to split it up into paragraphs, you need to know what you're going to focus on for your main body paragraphs and then work those into your thesis. So if you think about it a little more and come up with some different angels that you want to discuss, send me a message or add additional details and I'll try to help! @pedrobear - I tend to agree with you on this, but it is just an opinion. There is no "one should feel this way or that way about it." I think it's important she thinks it through and develops her own conclusions for this paper.

Bambie Bambie
I look at forgiveness differently. So one of the virtues would be a different perception. Most people see forgiveness as saying, "I forgive you for what you did". However, my perception is that I will forgive you for what you didn't do. There is obviously a metaphysical principle to this, but I don't have the time to expand.
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Addison Addison
If you forgive someone you receive mercy and you let go of anger or hard feelings, so you free yourself and benefit yourself more than probably the person you forgive. Joyce Meyer preached today that sometimes you do something just because it is the right thing to do, or because God asked you to, or that by doing it, you glorify God. She said you don't always have to get something just because you did something. Sometimes you just have to do right. She said you sometimes have to do menial task to serve God. I thought she made a good point. We sometimes have to forgive people, not to get something in return, but simply because God wants us to. Peace be with you.
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Talmai Talmai
Forgiveness by God allows us to reverence Him in a relationship (not religion). He honors those who honor Him. God put us on earth to become like Him (His character) and prepare to spend eternity with Him. We can only successfully pursue godly virtues through His power within us, by having Jesus Christ in our hearts. There's no forgiveness, freedom, peace, other virtues for us- or a heavenly destiny- if we don't forgive. Grace (unmerited favor), by faith, is a gift from God- this is how one is put in right standing with Him. It's not by our works, nor can we be good enough on our own. Right relationship with God begins by confessing Jesus Christ with one's mouth and believing in the heart that He rose from the dead, and turning from sin (repentance). Sin includes unforgiveness. If you don't have this relationship, just ask Jesus Christ to come into your heart, to forgive you of any sin. Thank Him for dying for you so you can have eternal life. Confess that you believe He's the Son of God who has risen from the dead. Tell Him that you'll live for Him. Then stay in contact by talking to the Lord everyday, and follow an easy-to-read Bible daily, starting with St. John. Make friends at a Bible-teaching church and tell others about Jesus.
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Percy Percy
When you forgive, you let go of a grudge. Holding a grudge will bring you down, it's a lot of negative energy that takes the place of possible positive energy that you could hold on to instead.
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Percy Originally Answered: How can i get his forgiveness.i read his letter.:(?
If he gets mad because you read a letter then let him be mad. You have already done all that you can to apologize. It is up to him to forgive you. Don't beat yourself up for being human and don't let him do it either. He is not your boy friend or husband so there is no commitment. Honey it sounds to me that you may need to step up. You made a mistake and the longer you let this beat you down (emotionally) the less you will feel about yourself. Let me be one person who says this to you: No one breathing air is worth you self esteem and dignity. You can't make him forgive you. You have apologized and that is all you can do. Give him time and if he wants to be with you then he'll come back if not move on. I say that it has already been 2 weeks so you are 1 week and 3 days behind on making you feel better. I don't know what that letter said but if it was enough for you to question him then you already know where your relationship is.

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