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Online college courses? Topic: Paper writing online
July 15, 2019 / By Erin
Question: I am starting school in the fall at my local community college after my year-long break from schooling due to employment. From looking at the orientation and the school's website, all I have heard is that online courses are "harder". I am currently working, and will continue to work through the school year, and this is why online classes are necessary. I'm just wondering; what they're like, how you learn, how/if you take online exams, are you watching a teacher or reading texts, how do I get help, is this method as credible as normal campus classes, etc. etc. I would appreciate answers from anyone who is going through or has gone through an online course recently, and an in-depth answer would be GREATLY appreciated, as I need to be prepared when I go to speak with a guidance counselor. Thank you very very much!
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Claire Claire | 1 day ago
Online classes work better for some people, not so great for others. It depends on your learning style. The material covered is the same either way and the exam is usually identical. How it works: In the first week of class you logon to the courseware and read the syllabus and your instructor's comments. There's usually a first week assignment to post to the discussion board an introduction of some sort. The assignment section of the courseware will tell you what you're supposed to read, watch, listen to (most usually it's reading) and then you usually have a question or two in the discussion board to discuss with classmates. It's usually something the likes of "What do you think Huck's motivation for helping Jim really was?" or similar. Many classes have additional writing (lots of papers in online classes) or worksheet type assignments you'll turn in for grading. Very few have video based lectures for you to watch so reading the text yourself becomes essential. If you have questions or need help then you email the professor and wait for a response - most are pretty quick but it's not like being right there. Each week you repeat that process with quizes, exams, and papers due at various times in the semester. Some require supervised/proctored exams, some don't. It's up to the school and professor. Pros: you can do the work from anywhere in the world any time of day or night. You don't have to sit through lectures explaining what you just read. Cons: if you procrastinate then there's no way to recover, you just fail. If you need help it doesn't come as easily as if you're on campus in a classroom. You actually have to read the textbook since nobody is telling you what it said in a lecture each week. What makes it harder for most students is the relaxed schedule. There's no "be in room 312 at 1PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays" so it's really easy to just not do it until the last minute. If you're the type who always has the text read before class and assignments are finished well in advance then online will be good to you. If you need the structure of "don't forget that your paper is due Weds..." then online won't be good to you. PS: unless you're really good at math and science, don't attempt those online. Those really need hands-on professor help in a classroom. Personally, I like online courses a lot better than classroom courses. I get plenty of "the experience" and "socialization" in the rest of my life and I get really bored listening to a grad assistant explain to 60 napping students what I read in the book already.
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Claire Originally Answered: Free online college courses?
Yale does as well. There's a few places I go to get free online college courses: University Index: http://www.universityindex.org/freecours... Yale Finance: http://financialplanningvideo.blogspot.c... They both have decent lists of online college courses that are totally free, and are actually pretty good as well. Good luck!! :)

Bambi Bambi
That's a great question. There are advantages and disadvantages to online learning. I love online learning because you can work on your own time. However i think any kind of math classes are very difficult online because you don't have anyone to sit and explain it to you. Your campus might have a resource room where you can get math help if you need it but I still think online math is hard. Each school might be different but usually the tests are given online. Sometimes you have to go to the testing center at the college to take it, but that might be only for the mid-term and final. If you are organized and committed enough to your future profession to work independently then online can work for you. You might want to pop on the site called professionalgoals.net to see if they have any articles that will help you set your goals for college and your current job. I go there to help me and as i mentioned, I like learning online. Good luck to you. That's great that you are going to go to college and work. Most people would choose one or the other. You're very motivated!
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Bambi Originally Answered: What is a good computer for online college courses?
I only had one online class and loved it, but it was the class I worked the hardest in that semester. I wouldn't consider it harder than every class on campus, but it can be a little difficult, especially because the teacher can't teach you to your face. Pros: You don't have to wake up very early. Pros: You can go at your own pace within a set time. Cons: Can't communicate with teacher, except through emails. Cons: Can't get help from students, unless you know friends that are taking it too. Do: Study hard. Do: Keep a paper with all your deadlines so you do not miss any assignments. Do: Read your books. Don't: Procrastinate. Don't: Be rude to your online classmates (if you have access to their email and are asking them for advice). We had access to talk to our classmates and professor in a message board. Don't: Miss any assignments (even if the grade does not count for a lot, they add up fast). -19 hours is a lot, so I wish you the best of luck! Remember to study....A LOT!!!

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