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Mystery illness help? Topic: Vision case studies
July 19, 2019 / By Eppie
Question: Ok so i feel like i'm dying, for about 3 months now i've had so many different symptoms every doctor i've seen is starting to think i'm crazy. I'm young, fit, eat healthily, exercise regularly, no familiy history of any weird illnesses. Not sure if they're all related but here are the list of symptoms: Eye sight problems Sore eyes runny nose bleeding nose heart palpitations pins and needles sore throat fever ringing in ears diaharea Tests i've had that have come back negative: allergy tests thyroid function cat scan of abdomen ecg ekg ultrasound of heart stress test sleep study urine study complete blood count Doctors i have seen: Cardiologists. Endocrinologists. Allergy specialists. Does anyone have any ideas? Oh the symptoms come and go, some days i will be symptom free, then bam the next day i will barely be able to get out of bed because my throat is so sore. Some nights i will wake up with a high fever, and it will go away just as suddenly.
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Ciss Ciss | 8 days ago
I am young with a myriad of terrible, weird symptoms too. All I can really say is persevere. If a doc says nothing is wrong, see a different doctor. You may want to see an internal medicine specialist and definitely a neurologist. They can test for blood diseases and brain/spinal cord/autoimmune problems that do not show up on regular tests. Listen to your body. Doctors these days don't listen and tend to ignore patients. Go through them until you find the right one who really listens and tries to find out what is wrong. =/ Good luck! EDIT: The coming and going of symptoms you added sounds even *MORE* like an internal enzyme deficiency, blood or genetic disease or an auto-immune disease. Don't panic, just get it checked out by the proper doctors. Most of these things can be treated once found and if so you will feel much better if not cured. I have jumped through the hoops of strange, horrible symptoms that come and go and so many doctors dismissed me even though I was miserable. It sucks! I cannot stress this enough. There are no words to explain how draining and disheartening it is to be really sick then have the professional you are told to trust, turn you away. I've had everything from life threatening asthma attacks with no cause and no history of asthma, tailbone pain so bad I can't sit or stand, hand pain so bad I can't type, write or hold a cup, half of my body going numb, vision changes, jaw pain with strong lightning-like electrical zaps and buzzing, and a million other things that attacked me like a demon from hell. These attacks hit like a ton of cast iron bricks, make me miserable for days, week, months... then vanish without real treatment. When they come back its a different problem somewhere else. I am 28. I was an active, happy, bouncy and fulfilled person a 5 years ago. I had a corporate job, confidence and security. All of that was taken from me by this MONSTER. Time and again I was told I was fine by doctors. Its like a horror story from the Mystery Diagnosis show. Finally I was given and brain and spinal cord MRI and I have HOLES on my brain and nerve casing. I was finally allowed to see a neurologist for this and I can hardly wait. This doc will make that final diagnosis but there is little to no doubt - it's Multiple Sclerosis. A very painful, degenerative, progressive and debilitating disease! SO much for all those "you're fines" I got from a long list of doctors. Sorry for rambling but the moral of the story is, do not give up. There are drugs to help slow down the MS progression and others that make daily life not so hard. With treatment, the condition can be controlled. I am heading down the path of healing now. I can just imagine how bad off I'd be if I waited 10 more years because I trusted the doctors and let my immune system continue to eat my brain. Because I persisted, I have hope. Its not too late yet because I am still young. Some damage is even possibly reversible. I don't know what is wrong with you but it is there and serious. There is hope for you too but only if you put your foot down and be stubborn about it. YOU know when your body is sick and eventually, someone will figure it out. The last bit of advice I have to give is if your fever suddenly spikes and doesn't respond to OTC fever reducers, go to the ER. Even if they cannot help figure out the root cause, a high sustained fever is very dangerous. I hope you get well ASAP.
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Ciss Originally Answered: Advice for a Mystery Illness?
Your symptoms sound like Fibromyalgia. Visit a doctor of rheumatology and ask to be checked for Fibromyalgia. There is no medical test for this condition, it is diagnosed by trigger points. I've written an article on this subject and I've enclosed the link where you can read more about it and see if this is what you have.
Ciss Originally Answered: Advice for a Mystery Illness?
I'm by no means a doctor, but I was watching Medical Incredible on tv one day and there was a story about this guy with a myserious illness. They couldn't figure out what it was, but I remember he started having eye complications. Inflammation of the eye or something. Eventually they found out it was some disease. Don't remember the name. But the guy just needed to take some medication and he was cured. I suggest going to as many MDs as possible to get more opinions. Hope you get better!
Ciss Originally Answered: Advice for a Mystery Illness?
you may want to try a rheumatologist. they can check you for autoimmune diseases like lupus. an elevated esr or sed rate shows you do have inflammation. your symptoms do sound like lupus, or sle, which i have a slight case. goodluck and dont worry ;)michele ps- i know it stinks to have to keep going to mds but i think this is a good fit-a rheumatologist

Bailey Bailey
Apparently, all of them have what's generally referred to as Mediaitis! This disorder begins with a decide upon few acquiring a bout of meals poisioning in a fashionable eating place, then, as a result of an develop in media recreation, the malicious program develops and morphs to this enormously contaigous sort! Symptoms comprise skiving off paintings, mendacity, brought on vomiting and a heavy dose of laxatives. In different phrases, a few may have meals poisoning, however such a lot will false it for his or her second of status.
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Bailey Originally Answered: What is this illness?
Let me answer your question with a question. Suppose your problem is a phobia. You say it's fear, it's "scary." Some people are afraid of skyscrapers, walking down streets under them although they know there's no danger. What I'm saying is, maybe you don't have gloomy thoughts about life and the universe, but thinking about spiral galaxies scares you anyway. That would be irrational fear, phobia. Then again, maybe you do have gloomy thoughts. The point I want to make here is that I can offer you some information that might change your point of view, but I'm not sure that it will solve your problem, at least not right away. Phobia is conditoned reflex. Maybe you need more than a different point of view. There's a common misconception, that modern science has done away with God. While it's true that scientists aren't as religious as people in general, the number who are might surprise you. In fact, a Pew Research Center poll indicates that more than half of scientists believe in God. Studies of near death experience have convinced many that a higher power is involved with individual human lives. You can see a very interesting BBC documentary on the Pam Reynolds case study on You Tube. I'll tell you something about derealization. The method can be used for stress reduction and anxiety. At CalmClinic.com., they say "Doctors and psychologists generally agree that the best way to stop derealization is with mindfulness. Mindfulness is the act of becoming more aware of your own present. Mindfulness can be completed in a variety of ways, but the easiest way is to simply get yourself to perform an action and focus as much as possible on that action in order to get yourself back into the world. For example: Touch something warm or cold. Focus on the warmth or cold. Pinch yourself so that you feel how real you are. Try to find a single object and start identifying what it is and what you know about it. Count something in the room. Identify what they are. Utilize your senses in any way possible." You may find that you're more likely to experience derealization when you're passive and unable to do anything, like while you're sitting in a car passenger seat. Doing things attaches you to reality. If you're making a sandwich, do it consciously, Opening the lid of a jar, be aware of how it feels and what the jar looks like. Eat the sandwich slowly and enjoy it. This principle works with lots of things, like doing household chores. This is another mindfulness method. Observe your emotion while you meditate on your breath. Awareness of the breath is important because it reminds you of the present moment and because its like a thermostat of your moods. Find time to relax. Really relax. Lie on your back in a quiet room and close your eyes, then breathe slowly and deeply. Starting with the soles of your feet, be aware of the sensations of your body, going gradually from your feet to head, all the time being conscious of your breath. Spend maybe half an hour doing this. You may want to listen to some quiet music. This is a stress-anxiety method I call Muscle, Breath, Mind. It combines methods from different therapy approaches. Suppose I want to make myself a sandwich. I get up and go to the kitchen, getting out of my chair without hurrying and walking softly because whenever I hurry, that tenses my muscles. Before I open the fridge, I think about what I want. I notice that I forgot to take out the garbage, which bothers me, but I take a few slow, deep breaths and remind myself that it's a minor problem. While I'm making the sandwich, I do everything carefully. If I feel any tension in my muscles, I relax. I get a radio station with music that will please me while I eat, just the right kind. I sit down and eat the sandwich slowly, enjoying every bite. You can find many uses for this method in daily life.
Bailey Originally Answered: What is this illness?
I would probably need “Additional Details” to answer this fully, but I will try to give you an idea of what some of the possibilities are. You mentioned the use of Nitrous. If you have used drugs in the past, it may not be an illness but a type of brain damage. Nitrous would compete with oxygen in the brain and might even target specific sites or parts of the brain. If this is the case, you may simply be experiencing the result of damage that was done in the past. Now I know from watching documentaries on the brain that certain chemicals have been found to target specific sites in the brain and the conditions that are produced might then be given a name if others have the same symptoms from say the same chemical, but otherwise it may just be a conclusion that there is damage, but they don’t know what to do about it. Now if you did not do drugs, (or nitrous), you may want to find if that is anything that you think or do that produces it. (If you can you probably can make big bucks!) COOOOL MAN! You may want to find out if you furnace is working properly. Because it may be producing carbon monoxide which can cause maybe something similar to what you are getting (but I doubt it!) Well that is about all that I can say on it. But, I admit I am just taking stabs in the dark.

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